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One of the most powerful rulers in Asia is resigning. He has led the central Asian nation of Kazakhstan for nearly three decades — and what comes next is not clear.

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There is a business news story from India this week about a pair of famous brothers who appear to have reached a truce in their long-time feud.

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One of the largest cities in Southeast Asia has been suffering through a water crisis. While the worst of Manila’s water crisis is over, questions still remain.

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A new report out this week from the United Nations shows growing concern about air pollution. The problem is getting markedly worse in many areas — especially in parts of Asia.

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The United States is far from the only country to be facing a presidential election next year. One of the more interesting races may turn out to be Taiwan — where not all the influences on the campaign are domestic.

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The United States and China are continuing trade talks, and the outcome remains uncertain. On Tuesday, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told a Senate panel “our hope is that we are in the final weeks” of the talks. But in the meantime, one area that’s experiencing some volatility is China’s auto sector.

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International safety officials are in Ethiopia, still investigating that tragic air crash over the weekend. In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration is keeping the Boeing 737 Max 8 in the air. But some countries have temporarily grounded that airplan including at least two in Asia.

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One of Southeast Asia’s longest serving prime ministers met last week with one of the region’s most controversial leaders. Their talks were wide-ranging, and included some advice about immigration.

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South Korea is wrapping up a difficult period for air quality. Earlier this week, some measures of air pollution in the national capital hit their worst levels in several years. And something else is in the air: politics.


One of the largest suppliers of electricity for the island of O‘ahu is a coal-fired power plant. While Hawai‘i is committed to reduce its use of fossil fuels in coming years, it’s a different story for another location in the Asia Pacific.

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The United States and China are still negotiating about trade. While businesses and markets wait for developments on that front, another trading partner in the region is facing a disruption.

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Several shootings involving officers from the Honolulu Police Department and the Department of Public Safety have taken place in the last few weeks. While internal investigations are continuing, recent violence elsewhere in the Asia Pacific is drawing attention to a significant difference when it comes to police departments.

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The weather has been a bit chillier than usual recently across much of Hawai‘i. It’s been another story entirely when it comes to Australia.

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Now that President Trump is back in the United States, his focus has shifted back to domestic matters. But there are lingering questions about his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. And many of those questions are being asked in Asia.

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A U.S. Senate panel has issued a report that’s critical of an educational organization backed by the Chinese government. And it’s a group that has a presence here in Hawai‘i.

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As President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un prepare for their second summit, a lot of attention has shifted to the country hosting the meeting: Vietnam. While the country’s political system is still under the tight control of the Communist Party, the economy has expanded its ties with international businesses.

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Fire season in Southeast Asia won’t reach its peak for several months. But parts of Indonesia are already being hit with forest fires and heavy haze.

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Taiwan has taken another step toward becoming the first government in Asia to recognize same sex marriage. But the proposal still faces opposition, and some complications.


The United States and China are continuing trade talks this week in Washington. But Chinese trade elsewhere in the Pacific has moved to the top of the economic agenda for a U.S. ally.

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One of the world’s largest multinational military exercises has been underway for more than a week. It hasn’t captured many headlines in the United States, but American forces from across the Asia Pacific are taking part.

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There is renewed tension this week in one of the most volatile parts of the Indo-Pacific region. This follows a terrorist attack last week that has sparked accusations between India and Pakistan.

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You might be starting a four-day work week today. Yesterday’s observance of Presidents’ Day was a holiday for some workers, although not for everyone. But the idea of a permanently shortened work week is growing in popularity in many places. And that includes some countries in the Asia Pacific.

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Japan’s government is planning to recognize an ethnic minority as an indigenous people of Japan. It’s part of a bill before parliament which would mark a move forward for a group that has long faced discrimination.

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Bike sharing has grown as a business — not only here in Hawai‘i, but also in many cities around the world. But one of the largest bike sharing companies in the world is facing new problems this week in Asia.

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Visitor spending in Hawai‘i increased nearly 7-percent last year. It grew even faster in China, but that was the slowest growth in a decade. And when it comes to Chinese headed overseas, the figures tell a different story.

A long-running urban train project is about to mark a major milestone. Not that one . . . this has nothing to do with Honolulu’s rail project. But it does involve political maneuvering and inflated expectations.

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There’s a trans-Pacific trade controversy that’s been building for years between the United States and one of its leading trade partners. This one has nothing to do with China, but it does affect a major American company — and shows that international trade rules don’t always keep up with market conditions.

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Electric vehicles still make up a small percentage of the cars on Hawai‘i’s roads — although they are growing. And according to a recent report by the credit agency Experian, Honolulu is among the top ten markets in the country for electric cars. But when it comes to batteries for electric vehicles, that part of the story comes from Asia.

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Air pollution has been an increasing problem for nearly two months in Thailand’s capital. Conditions have become so bad that public schools closed for more than a week, and top government officials were summoned to court to testify about it.

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President Trump covered a lot of ground in his State of the Union address this week — including trade issues with China. A U.S. delegation is heading to China next week for another round of talks, but a tariff deadline is fast approaching.