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New study shines light on suicides among active duty military; Trustee talks about the Office of Hawaiian Affairs recent audit; Hawaii lawyer used Georgia consultants to place Micronesian babies; Aquaponics in Waimanalo; Kingston Trio remembers the music

Ku'uwehi Hiraishi/HPR

For centuries, native Hawaiians fed themselves by developing sophisticated systems of fishponds and irrigated taro patches. But societal changes disrupted their connection to traditional food sources, leading to high health risks for diabetes, obesity, and other diseases. Now a community intervention is underway in Waimānalo using backyard aquaponics. 

Hawai'i Aquaponic Products Conference, March 22nd

Mar 13, 2014
Wayne Yoshioka

The State Department of Agriculture is taking the first step in developing large scale aquaponic farming, the fresh-water system that grows fish and plants, simultaneously.   HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka visited one of the largest aquaponic farms in Central O’ahu.  

A Growing Garden Behind Bars

May 13, 2013

New farming techniques are popping up all over Hawaii. And some of them are in places not even close to traditional farmlands. HPR’s Molly Solomon reports on a program at a local penitentiary that’s growing food behind prison walls.

Hooked on 'Ponics

Mar 28, 2013
Leina'ala Bright, a Native Hawaiian health practitioner, uses her aquaponics system to grow fresh vegetables and medicine in her Waimanalo backyard.
Molly Solomon

In our latest installment of HPR’s series, “Feeding Ourselves: Hawai’i’s Food Future”, we take a look at an emerging technology…that could change the way we grow our food. It’s a method of growing crops and fish at the same time….and it uses less than 5% of the water that traditional farming does. HPR’s Molly Solomon reports on this sustainable system that’s popping up in backyards across the islands.