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The Real Deal-Friday October 7 2016 (Larry Young)

Larry Young, "Falling in Love with Love," Testifying (New Jazz/OJC)

Larry Young, "African Blues," Young Blues (New Jazz/OJC)

Grant Green, "Luny Tune," Talkin' About (Blue Note)

Larry Young, "Backup," Into Somethin' (Blue Note)

Larry Young, "Mean to Me," In Paris (Resonance)

Larry Young, "Zoltan," In Paris (Resonance)

Larry Young, "Monk's Dream," Unity (Blue Note)

Larry Young, "Major Affair," Contrasts (Blue Note)

Larry Young, "Mother Ship," Mother Ship (Blue Note)

Tony Williams Lifetime, "Spectrum," Emergency! (Polydor)

Tony Williams Lifetime, "Allah Be Praised," Turn It Over (Polydor)

Larry Young, "Sunshine Fly Away," Lawrence of Newark (Perception)

Larry Young, "Saudia," Lawrence of Newark (Perception)

Joe Chambers, "Message from Mars," Double Exposure (Muse)

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