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The Conversation: Kai Kahele Headed To Congress

Ron Cogswell

Interview with Congressman-elect Kai Kahele; Lt. Gov. Josh Green on Safe Travels program; In class teaching challenges at Hawaii's public schools; Caregiving; Finding care for seniors; Teaching preschoolers to love veggies

Credit Courtesy of Kai Kahele
Courtesy of Kai Kahele

Interview with Congressman-elect Kai Kahele

The 2020 election is still on people's minds. State Senator Kai Kahele easily won the second congressional race to replace Tulsi Gabbard, who stepped down to run an unsuccessful bid for President. For Kahele, a Hawaiian Airlines pilot and Hawaii Air National Guard lieutenant colonel, this win has him headed to Washington, D.C., in one of the most challenging times in our nation's history. He spent time reflecting back when his late father, State Senator Gil Kahele, made one last request of him. Click here to see available job opportunities on Kahele's Hawaii and Washington staff.

Kai Kahele, Hawaii State Senator and Congressman-elect

Credit Courtesy Hawaii COVID-19 Joint Information Center
Aerial view of Oahu

Lt. Gov. Josh Green on Safe Travels program

This morning, travelers from Japan began arriving in the Islands under a new agreement that is meant to help bolster Hawaii's economy and ease up pent up demand. It has been three weeks since the state started its pre-test travel program. We talked to Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green this morning about where things stand. He stresses that mask wearing is crucial to curbing the spread of the virus. And while he believes the rate has to be at least 90 percent compliance, he says the numbers as of Oct. 31 show it is hovering in the 70 to 80 percent range across the state.

Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green

In classroom teaching challenges at Hawaii's public schools

Can Hawaii bring students back to the classroom safely yet? Evolving COVID-19 guidelines and a patchwork plan among public and private schools leaves the state without a cohesive strategy. Civil Beat Reporter Suevon Lee tells us how schools, teachers and parents are trying to get their kids back to in-person teaching. Click here to read the story at

Civil Beat Reporter Suevon Lee

Pixabay Commons
Credit Pixabay Commons

Finding care for seniors

As Hawaii's senior population grows, the need to find care for them continues even during this time of COVID. Social worker Nicole Coglietta helped found a free service to assist families navigate the confusing world of eldercare. She spoke with producer Lillian Tsang about how her frustrations led her to turn her passion project into a free service called Care Sift, started in 2015. Click here to find out more about CareSift, or call (808) 400-9992.

Nicole Coglietta, CEO, CareSift

Credit Courtesy Farm to Keiki

Teaching preschoolers to love veggies

Because of the pandemic, people have been more aware of where their food comes from. Some have started gardening. Childcare has also been an issue, as some parents have stayed at home with their young ones. Tiana Kamen is the founder of Farm to Keiki and author of a book of the same name. Although the book was meant to teach kids how to grow their own food and eat healthier, it may now be the perfect remedy for families during the pandemic. Click here to learn more about Farm to Keiki and to purchase the book.

Tiana Kamen, founder and director, Farm to Keiki

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