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The Conversation: Urgent Need For Nurses


As COVID cases rise, an urgent need for nurses; Starting a new business during the COVID crisis; Kauai businesses struggling without tourism; A new method to measure coral biodiversity; Aerial show commemorates the end of World War II

As COVID cases rise, an urgent need for nurses

2020 marks the year of the nurse - in a nod to Florence Nightingale. Little did we know that a pandemic was on our doorstep. Internationally the demand for nurses is up, including the specialty intensive nurses who travel from other places to meet the critical care. Hilton Raethel, president and CEO of Healthcare Association of Hawaii, talks about the urgent need for nurses and its appeal to help staff Hawaii's hospitals. 

Hilton Raethel, President and CEO, Healthcare Association of Hawaii

Credit Sage Creamery

Starting a new business during the COVID crisis

We've been highlighting available jobs and resources as companies have laid off employees during the pandemic. Today, we look at a couple who found themselves out of a job but have emerged as entreprenuers. Zach Villanueva and Courtney Ro own and operate Sage Creamery, which makes small batch ice cream using local ingredients. What started as a side hobby has turned into their primary work during the pandemic. Their ice cream can be found at Mililani Farmers Market on Sundays and the Honolulu Farmers Market at the Blaisdell Center grounds on Wednesdays. Click here to visit their website. Click here for more information about the Entrepreneurs Sandbox.

Courtney Ro and Zach Villanueva, owners, Sage Creamery

Kauai businesses struggling without tourism

Well over a third of Kauai businesses may fail within the next six months if there is no recovery in the visitor industry, but nearly 70 percent of business owners and managers support government interventions to try to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, anyway. That's one of the takeaways from a new survey by the Kauai Chamber of Commerce. Civil Beat contributor Allan Parachini tells us more about the findings. Click here to read his story at CivilBeat.org.

Civil Beat contributor Allan Parachini

Credit Flickr - USFWS Pacific Region

A new method to measure coral biodiversity

Researchers from the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology have devised a new method of measuring biodiversity in our coral reefs. The hope is that it will offer a better understanding of how ecosystems are affected by destructive events, such as ocean warming or coral bleaching. 

Joshua Madin, researcher, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology

Aerial show commemorates the end of World War II

Wednesday, Sept. 2, marks the end of World War II. While this pandemic has forced the cancellation of many of the planned events, one thing it hasn't affected is the aerial parade of American war planes. You may have spied them in the skies over Oahu this weekend. The big gathering in the skies is set for Wednesday morning above Pearl Harbor, so if you can be in the area, look to the heavens for a glimpse of the vintage planes that played a major part in the War in the Pacific. One of those warbirds is a B-25 Mitchell bomber. Pilot David Prescott brought "Old Glory" from Upstate New York. He talked with us this morning about the plane's part in the Doolittle Raid - the attack on Japan follwing the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

David Prescott, B-25 pilot and owner

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