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The Conversation: Monday, August 20th, 2018

Kai Lenny

Grieving Whales, Washington Place Celebration; Hydrofoil Revolution

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Grieving Whales

This month a grieving orca whale off Seattle carried her dead calf for weeks before finally resuming activities with her pod.

Robin Baird a scientist whose has studied small whales and dolphins for the last 20 years has witnessed that behavior before in the Pacific Northwest. He says there have been reports of similar behavior in pilot whales here in Hawaii.

Robin Baird

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Credit Wikimedia Commons
Washington Place in Honolulu is now the residence of Hawaii's governor.

Washington Place Celebrates 180 Years for Lili’uokalani

Next month marks the 180 birthday of Queen Lili’uokalani. The Washington Place Foundation is marking the day with a birthday celebration at the home where the Queen once lived.

The celebration had to be suspended for several years while a renovation of the second floor was underway. Construction is now complete and the Foundation is re-establishing the affair next month Sept 8

Gussie Schubert

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Credit Cory Lum / Civil Beat
Civil Beat

Civil Beat Reality Check: Ranked Voting

What do judges for the Best Picture Academy Award have in common with the state of Maine?

Both use ranked choice, or instant runoff, voting systems, which allow voters to list candidates in order of preference.

Chad Blair

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Credit Kai Lenny / Facebook
Kai Lenny rides a hydrofoil shortboard on a downwind run off the coast of Maui.

Hydrofoil Revolution

In the surf world, hydrofoil boards are turning heads.

In the south of France, the town of Anglet has actually taken steps to ban hydrofoils altogether. It was the first such ban in the Atlantic.

Here in the Pacific, Hawaii organizers of the standup paddle race between Molokai and Oahu added a Hydrofoil division. The winner of that race was Maui waterman Kai Lenny, who made the trek in less than three hours.

Kai Lenny

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