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The Conversation: Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Syracuse University Lava Project

Kauai Pesticide Report; Dangers of Downsizing Marine Preserves; Art and Science of Creating Lava

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Kauai Pesticide Joint Study Group 2016 Report

Yesterday the Kauai Pesticide Joint Fact Finding Study Group presented findings of a 15-month study of pesticide use by large agribusinesses on the Garden Isle.

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Keith Matson, Accord 3.0 Network

JFF Kauai Final Report by HPR News on Scribd

Credit Wikimedia Commons
Rose Atoll, part of Rose Atoll Marine National Monument near American Samoa. The monument is one of two Marine National Monuments in the Pacific being considered for reduction.

Dangers of Downsizing Marine National Monuments

A Stanford University biologist argues against downsizing protected marine areas, saying that we continue to take more from the ocean than we give back.

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Stephen Palumbi, Stanford University

Interior Department Revised Final Report by HPR News on Scribd

Credit Syracuse University Lava Project

Creating Man-Made Lava

An artist and a geologist at Syracuse University have teamed up to create their own lava in Upstate New York.  

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Jeff Karson, Syracuse University

Credit Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Civil Beat Reality Check

Workers in Hawaii with long-term injuries often find themselves in an uphill battle with insurance companies, with few doctors willing to treat them and a system that seems stacked against them, according to a Civil Beat special report.

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John Hill

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