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The Conversation: Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Wikimedia Commons

Abandoned Cars, La Nina Warning and Drought Report, Red Cross Fire Alarm Campaign, Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Abandoned Cars

The City and County of Honolulu has been dealing with abandoned cars for decades, for the most part keeping the problem under control – but lately, it has gotten worse. Junkyards are filled to capacity, and the City has run out of places to hide the vehicle that get ditched or left behind – many of them for military personnel.

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Sheri Kajiwara

Credit Bytemarks / Flickr

La Nina Warning and Drought Report

Hawaii’s dry season is coming to an end, and this year was drier than average, with drought conditions on four islands. NOAA National Weather Service tells us that we’re heading for a La Nina season in the months ahead.

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Kevin Kodama

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Civil Beat Reality Check

The State of Hawaii has a responsibility to inspect its nursing homes, with the federal government looking over its shoulder to ensure timely inspections. Although the state’s record is improving, the State’s Office of Health Care Assurance continues to be tasked with more than it can handle.

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Nathan Eagle

Credit Courtesy of the American Red Cross of Hawaii

Red Cross Fire Alarm Campaign

Smoke alarms buy time and by doing so, save lives. The Red Cross knows its way around disaster, and it has created a program aimed at distributing smoke alarms to the people who need those most.

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Coralie Matayoshi

Credit National Park Service

Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization

Hawaii has its own problem with wildfires, and each summer seems to bring a rash of fires that are mostly caused by people – some accidental, many of them deliberate. The Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization compiles the available data about each year’s wildfires.

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Elizabeth Pickett

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