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The Conversation: Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Par Hawaii

Myanmar Unwound; Oil Refining in Hawaii; Sustainable Tourism

Unwinding the Humanitarian Situation in Myanmar

Grace Cheng

Credit Foreign and Commonwealth Office / Flickr
Taung Paw Camp in Rakhine State, Burma.

Myanmar’s armed forces have been accused of systematically oppressing and driving out the country’s Muslim minority, known as the Rohingya.

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The Future of Oil Refining in Hawaii    

Jim Yates

Credit Par Hawaii
Par Hawaii's terminal on Maui.

Hawaii is still heavily dependent on fossil fuels, for both electricity and transportation. As the state moves towards renewable energy, refinery operators are planning to adapt.   

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Traveling Money

Bill Dorman

Credit National Park Service

This week the Hawaii Tourism Authority is hosting its annual “Global Tourism Summit.” HPR is taking a closer look at the state of the industry in our series of reports and guests we call “Traveling Money: Managing Hawaii’s Tourism Future.

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Waimea Valley Artisans Program

Manny Mattos

Credit Manny Mattos

The Hawaii Tourism Authority is funding a program in Waimea Valley to help local artisans share their work with visitors.

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