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The Conversation: Tuesday, April 11th, 2017


Tax Revenue Intrigue; Drug Policy Changes; Master Kite Flying

Divergence of Tax Revenues and Visitor Numbers: Marilyn Niwao

Marilyn Niwao

Credit Marilyn Niwao
Marilyn Niwao is a CPA and Vice Chair of the State's Council on Revenues, which is responsible for generating revenue forecasts.

Hawaii’s measures of tourism, visitor arrivals and per day spending, are up but tax revenues are down.

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Outro Music: Last Night Of The World by Bruce Cockburn

Learning to Fly a Kite: Robert Loera

Credit Pixabay

Maui’s Chinese Kite Flying Festival highlights a type of high-performance kite flying a world apart from traditional kiting.

Robert Loera

Intro Music: Empty Streets by Kota Banks, MOZA

Outro Music: Uncle John's Band by Phil Lesh and Communion

Civil Beat Reality Check: Censorship

Credit Cory Lum / Civil Beat
Civil Beat
Senate President Ron Kouchi (L) with Senator Breene Harimoto

The Hawaii Attorney General’s office says that public testimony cannot be censored and that the state Senate was wrong to do so.

Chad Blair

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Changes Ahead to Drug Policy: Carl Bergquist

Credit Carl Bergquist
Carl Bergquist with his daughter.

The State Legislature is moving to reclassify some drug related offenses as non-violent, significantly lowering penalties.

Carl Bergquist

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Music of the Spheres: Robert Pollock

Drawing musical inspiration from celestial bodies is an ancient technique still in practice today.

Robert Pollock

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