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The Conversation: Friday, April 7th, 2017

Maui Art of Trash

Running Beaches for Assault Victims; Bike-share Coming to Hawaii; Harpist Patrick Ball

Rape Survivor Runs to Support Fellow Assault Victims: Claire McFarlane

Clare McFarlane

Credit Larisa Armstrong
Claire McFarlane is running over 3,000km of beaches in 184 countries.

Claire McFarlane was brutally attacked and raped while visiting Paris, France, but she survived and is now running the world’s beaches to raise awareness and support.

Intro Music: This A'int Living by G. Love and Special Sauce

Outro Music: Beach Baby by Bon Iver

Celtic Harp Tribute to W.B. Yeats: Patrick Ball

Patrick Ball

Credit Michael Riley
Patrick Ball plays the traditional Celtic harp, a style of harp that largely disappeared 200 years ago.

Patrick Ball is a contemporary Celtic harpist who uses his music to keep alive the stories, poems, and songs of Ireland.

Intro Music: The Chanter's Tune by Patrick Ball

Outro Music: Da Day Dawn by Patrick Ball

Civil Beat Reality Check: Daycare Abuse

Chad Blair

Credit Courtesy of Chelsea Valiente/Civil Beat
Peyton in the hospital.

The ongoing child abuse case of toddler Peyton Valiente.

Outro Music: Small Talk by Jarreau Vandal

Bikeshare Hawaii Planned Launch: Ben Trevino

Ben Trevino

Credit Bikeshare Hawaii
Honolulu's bikeshare program has been branded 'Biki.'

Over 1,200 bike share programs exist worldwide. One is set to launch in Honolulu this summer.

Intro Music: A Magical Transformation of Exercise Bikes to a Critical Mass by Sewing Pattern

Outro Music: Sun Videos by Monster Rally

Turning Trash into Art: Wilma Nakamura

Wilma Nakamura

Credit Maui Art of Trash

The ‘Art of Trash’ is an annual three-week art exhibit showcasing works made out of materials that would ordinarily be discarded.

Intro Music: I Don't Wanna Waste by Ben L'Oncle Soul

Outro Music: Away by Hawaiian Gremlins

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