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The Conversation: Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Wikimedia Commons

Trump v. Hawaii Update; Price of Clean Oceans; Art of Feng Shui

Update on Trump v. Hawaii: Douglas Chin

Douglas Chin

Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin

Hawaii Attorney General gives on update on his case against the Trump Administration's travel and immigration restrictions.

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Comedy of Errors: Elizabeth Mervin

Elizabeth Mervin

Credit Leeward Theatre

Shakespeare’s comedies thrive on confused identities: colossal misunderstandings that have everyone in a tizzy until the very end, with stories that thrive on bawdy, slapstick jokes. As with all of the Master’s works, they’re open to new interpretations by each new generation.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Care-home Monitoring

Chad Blair

Credit Civil Beat
Civil Beat

If you want to get an accurate picture of Hawaii’s care homes, require unannounced inspections. That is what the state did last year, but getting the full results will not happen for another two years.

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Monetary Value of Ocean Conservation:MarucsPeng

Marcus Peng

Credit Wikimedia Commons
Notice of a beach closure in Waikiki after a sewage leak.

A recent study determined how much money Oahu beachgoers would be willing to pay for cleaner oceans.

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Bringing Feng Shui to Your Home: Clear Englebert

Clear Englebert

Credit Pixabay

Many believe that balancing your home with the art of Feng Shui can bring your life love and success.

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Outro Music: Feng Shui Library Tour: Clear Englebert

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