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The Conversation: Monday, March 20th, 2017


East-West Center Under Threat; Medical Aid to Dying; Solar Storage on Kauai

Opposition to ‘Death with Dignity’ Law: Representative Marcus Oshiro

Marcus Oshiro

Credit Wikipedia
Representative Marcus Oshiro says that the language of SB 1129 creates potential legal issues for those involved in the process.

Lawyer and Hawaii State Representative Marcus Oshiro shares his legal concerns over SB1129, which would create a legal option for assisted suicide in Hawaii.

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Storing Solar Electricity: David Bissell

David Bissell

Credit Wikimedia Commons
The joint Telsa-KIUC project is the first utility-scale implementation of Tesla's battery pack electricity storage units.

Kauai Island Utility Co-Op has partnered with Tesla to implement the first utility-scale solar energy battery storage project.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Emotional Support Animals

Chad Blair

Credit Flickr - Jans Canon
Chickens may not jump to mind when you think of a support animal, but one local woman got her chickens certified.

It is increasingly easy to get animals of all species certified as Emotional Support Animals, which has some neighbors rather unhappy.

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East-West Center Funding Under Threat: Richard Vuylsteke

Richard Vuylsteke

Credit Wikipedia
Although the East-West Center receives almost 50% of its budget from the Federal Government, the Center's President Richard Vuylsteke is confident alternative funding sources can be found.

President Trump’s initial budget proposal shows bug cuts to the State Department, and no funds for Honolulu’s East-West Center.

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History of Horses in Hawaii: Billy Bergin

Billy Bergin

Credit Pixabay
Horses were one of Hawaii's first invasive species, but they didn't arrive in Hawaii without difficulty.

Horses are not native to Hawaii and getting them here wasn’t easy. Veterinarian Billy Bergin chronicles that history in his new book.   

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