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The Conversation: Tuesday, January 24th, 2017


Kuleana Land Rights; Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace; Retirement Woes in Hawaii

Hawaii Is 2017’s 5th Worst State to Retire: WalletHub’s Jill Gonzalez

Jill Gonzales

Credit Flickr - kenteegadrin
There used to be a retired couple here, but they moved to a cheaper bench in Florida.

Affordability, quality of life and health care. In the rankings of WalletHub’s latest survey that triumvirate was enough to earn our state a spot as the fifth worst state in the nation in which to retire. That’s probably not news to you if you’re still working and finding it tough to cover your bills and enjoy your life… WalletHub spokesperson Jill Gonzalez is back with all the details that might mean you’ll want to plan your post work years elsewhere.

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Tech Advancements Affecting the Workplace: Tak Lo

Tak Lo - Aired Interview
Tak Lo - Full Interview

Credit Noah Matteucci
Tak Lo believes that the Artificial Intelligence-induced apocalypse is more science fiction than plausible reality.

But wherever and whenever you retire, you’ll likely have some assistance from automation. In our ongoing series, The Last Job in Hawaii, we sat down with startup mentor and artificial intelligence fan, Tak Lo. We spoke as he was returning home to Hong Kong after his participation in last week’s East Meets West conference. I asked him what could make the difference in A I becoming the best or the worst thing to happen to humanity?

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Budget Proposal Revisions

Chad Blair

Credit Nathan Eagle/Civil Beat
Governor Ige delivers his State of the State Address at the Capitol.

Three quarters of the way into yesterday’s State of the State speech Governor Ige said it: he will be adjusting his budget to reflect the downward forecast of the Council on Revenues. So when will lawmakers get details? Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has a reality check.    

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Kuleana Land Rights: Moses Haia

Moses Haia

Credit Pixabay
Farm land outside on Hanalei on Kauai's north shore.

The irony may not be lost on some that Facebook is the vehicle for discussion of the quiet title lawsuits filed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Mr Zuckerberg wants all the land inside the Kauai parcel he purchased a few years ago. That may sound strange except for the fact that inside his land are plots of kuleana land. Those parcels have been in the hands of some kamaaina families for generations dating back more than 150 years. Now Mr Zuckerberg is legally angling to acquire them. It will likely be a very costly experience for the families who’d like to hold onto their land. The issue is can they? Moses Haia, the Executive Director of the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation with an explanation.

Outro Music: Ja Werx by SustoKauaiVoices: Randy Leonard

Randy Leonard

Credit Kauai Voices
Kauai Voices is celebrating the music of Cole Porter with a live show.

There’s no songwriter quite like Cole Porter, and we’re not likely to find anyone like him again... in part, because people don’t have lives like his anymore. A lifelong member of the international leisure class who never met a cocktail party he didn’t like, Porter wrote witty and timeless songs that, taken together, tell of a world where there’s always a swell party going on. Randy Leonard is directing a choral version of Cole Porter classics in a concert by Kauai Voices. We spoke the other day about the many reasons to devote an evening to Porter’s music.

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