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The Conversation: Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

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Shining A Light on Abortion; Can Honolulu’s Rail Project Be Turned Around? Crickets as the Sustainable Food of the Future

Shining a Light on Abortion: Carol Sanger

Carol Sanger

Credit Open Source Photos
Abortion is one of the most divisive issues in America, both publicly and privately.

Terminating a pregnancy is one of the most personal and private actions a woman can take. It is also one of the most politically contentious. Women are often pitted against the fetus they carry and in some states, women are legally required to have an ultrasound before termination, deepening the stigma already felt by some women who for whatever reason choose abortion. Carol Sanger is visiting professor from Columbia University teaching at the UH law school during J term. Her soon to be published book is About Abortion: Terminating Pregnancy in 21st Century America.

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Crickets as the Future of Food Sustainability: Lourdes Torres

Lourdes Torres

Credit Sustainable Boost
Lourdes Torres, left, and Ruiz Romero baking with cricket flour.

For cultures around the world, bugs make good eating.  After all, insects are six-legged bundles of protein, and there are a lot of them. Through the years, people have come up with ways to make them palatable, but they haven’t exactly caught on in the US.   Lourdes Torres is the co-founder of Sustainable Boost, a restaurant and cricket farm in Lihue Kauai that aims to change all that, with a menu that includes pancakes, desserts like ginger cookies, and main courses like salmon and potato with cricket powder fritters. She say bugs are the food of the future.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: In Fighting at OHA

Chad Blair

Credit Cory Lum/Civil Beat
OHA's headquarters in Honolulu.

Accusations and countercharges at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs again mire the agency in controversy. Amid the chaos, can OHA get anything done? Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has today’s reality check.

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Turning Around Honolulu’s Rail Project: Krishniah Murthy

Krishniah Murthy

Credit HART
K.N. Murthy has taken the helm at HART. He has a background in construction management and hopes to turn the struggling rail project around.

A year ago, the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation announced it had collected a total of 1.63 billion from the GET surcharge, far less than projected. That scenarios of shortfalls continued and throughout 2016, continued churn among leadership added to the uncertainty over how the project could continue especially with escalating cost projections. 2016 also saw the GET surcharge extended through 2027 and late last year, the hiring of interim executive director Krishniah Murthy, now in his job since December 5th.

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Eric Johnson

Credit Honolulu Theatre for Youth
HTY's new production explores island life in an imaginary land.

Island dwellers find themselves wondering sometimes; Is this all there is? You and Me and the Space Between is a play, coming to Honolulu Theatre for Youth, about a little girl who wonders what’s beyond her island’s borders, and then find herself needing to call on all her resources to save it when it springs a leak.  It’s a play with a unique storytelling approach and Eric Johnson is its director.

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