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The Conversation: Tuesday December 27th, 2016

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Challenge to DHHL Funding Request; Taking Mental Health First Aid Mainstream; Campus Based Education Initiative; Cancer Support Group

Challenge to DHHL Funding Request: Robin Danner

Robin Danner

Credit Flickr - PatrickMcNally
A small settlement on Kalae Pasture, Molokai.

Few would argue that the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands has come anywhere close to succeeding in its mission, or that its latest budget request to the State, for $267 million annually, had any chance of being met. The Governor’s budget proposal for DHHL is a far most modest figure -- but it’s one that  Robin Puanani Danner, Chairman of the Sovereign Councils of the Hawaiian Homeland Assembly, believes could allow the Department to become effective -- if it’s managed properly..

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Youth Mental Health First Aid: CJ Rice

CJ Rice

Credit Gratiot County Community Mental Health
CJ Rice says that mental health first aid should become mainstream the same way as physical first aid.

How do you recognize a child that is being bullied? One with depression, isolation, or other mental health issues? What can you do if you see someone who needs help? After growing up in Hawaii and working in education both here and on the mainland, our next guest, Cynthia Rice understands the importance of everyone being trained in identifying a child in need of assistance. She’s the coordinator of the Project HI Aware grant in the Hawaii state department of education, and she’s here with us this morning.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Sashimi Prices

Chad Blair

Credit Wikimedia Commons
The future of Pacific tuna stocks is highly uncertain.

Sashimi prices at the end of the year are studied as if they were stock market numbers -- as a bellwether of the state of Pacific fisheries, the future of the Hawaii-based longline fleet, and Hawaii’s fishing economy.   As the industry enters the final year of a three-year agreement and faces further limits on its annual catch, concern is growing over depletion of bigeye tuna stocks and the effect of future quotas.    

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Campus Based Education Initiative: Jim Shon

Jim Shon

Credit Wikipedia
Governor Ige is hoping to give DOE's schools more autonomy.

Governor David Ige has announced ambitious new budget goals for the coming biennium, with promises to encourage innovation, build new facilities, air-condition our classrooms, and give schools more local autonomy.  Are these goals realistic, and what are the priorities?  We asked Jim Shon, Director of the Hawaii Educational Policy Center, to weigh in.

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Cancer Survivor Support Group: Heidi Fesuluai Robinson

Heidi Fesuluai Robinson

Credit Pixabay
A local group is bringing together survivors with recently diagnosed patients.

The moment someone is diagnosed with cancer, their world stops as they know it. Tests, treatments, the entire process can be overwhelming. But for those who have already been down that route, they have a lot to share, both inspiring stories and also words of wisdom about how to handle the day to day changes that are about to happen. As more and more people survive cancer, having a source of group support is an essential part of any cancer treatment plan. Heidi Robinson is in the studio, here to tell us more about how this special group of survivors gather together to help others dealing with cancer as well.

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