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The Conversation: Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

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Roots of Racism; Central Oahu Transportation Study; William Finnegan’s Barbarian Days

The Long View: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

Credit Flickr - Kheel Center
Civil rights rally in New York City 's Garment District, 1960

In trying to explain news accounts of the increase in racial and anti-Semitic incidents since the presidential election, it might be tempting to simply say, “Donald Trump.”  But while Trump certainly is an important part of this, blaming it on one man, even if that man is our new president, is really an optimistic view because it underestimates the problem. According to contributing editor Neal Milner, the fuller explanation is more complex and more pessimistic. 

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HTY’s A Plantation Celebration: Mark Lutwak

Mark Lutwak

Credit Wikipedia
Japanese Laborers on Spreckelsville Plantation, Maui by Joseph Dwight Strong

You can’t really understand today’s Hawaii without an understanding of plantation days -- and although the plantations are closed now, their impact on local life will be with us for generations.   Honolulu Theatre for Youth is keeping traditions live for a new generation with a new show: A Plantation Celebration, a collection of scenes stories, and songs from Hawaii writers put together by Mark Lutwak, who’s with us this morning.

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Central Oahu Transportation Study Meeting: Chris Clark

Chris Clark

Credit Flickr - Ken Lund
Few options besides driving the congested H2 exist for Central Oahu commuters

Much of the growth on Oahu continues to move toward its interior. With the ongoing development of mostly bedroom communities, a big part of their future attractiveness will be how well residents can get around and connect with the rest of the island. The Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization is holding a community meeting tonight in Mililani to update residents on the Central Oahu Transportation Study. Its purpose is to develop multi-modal strategies and system improvements. They also have to be technically feasible, financially realistic, sustainable, and meet regional transportation needs. A tall order. With a preview of the study so far, Chris Clark, Interim Executive Director of the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization is on the line now.

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The Barbarian Days of a Surfing Life: William Finnegan

William Finnegan

Credit William Finnegan
William Finnegan recounts a lifetime of surfing in 'Barbarian Days'

The world of surfing is mostly closed off to outsiders -- a kind of secret pleasure, part sport, part art form, and part religion.  Few writers have been able to take us as far into the inner life of the surfer than William Finnegan, whose Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir “Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life” relives his high school days, coming to Hawaii’s local surfing scene as an outsider, and his quest for perfect waves at surf breaks all over the world.

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