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The Conversation: Friday, November 11th, 2016

New Jersey State Library

Preserving the Stories of Veterans; Benefits of Mandatory Service; Remembering the Value of American Citizenship

Mandatory Military Service Would Strengthen America: Vic Craft

Vic Craft

Credit Wikimedia Commons
President Kennedy, seen here greeting Peace Corps volunteers, encouraged Americans to contribute through service

A few generations ago, it was not uncommon for most families to have a family member in the military. These days, not so much. the divide between military service men and women and civilians seems to have grown wider, with little understanding beyond headlines of what it means to come home from service and be called a veteran. That could change according to one veteran. Vic Craft recently co-wrote an editorial in support of mandatory service in the military, peace corps, Vista or other similar type organization to engage young people in the business of doing, Vic Craft is and Air Force veteran and joins us now.

Read Vic's Editorial in the Star-Advertiser:


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Classical Guitarist Andrew York

Andrew Young

Credit Flickr - Brandon Grasley
The guitar is one of the most ubiquitous instruments of all time

The term “classical” guitar, if it’s used to describe music that’s a century old or more, has become a bit of a misnomer.  the sound of the acoustic nylon-string instrument transcend any historical period, and still lend themselves to new heights of invention for the performer and the composer.  Andrew York is both: a virtuoso instrumentalist who have written new works of his own -- works he’ll be performing at UH-Manoa this Sunday.  he’s with us in our studio. 

Intro Music: When We Were Young by Falls
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Civil Beat Reality Check: Ocean Safety

Chad Blair

Credit Kauai Lifeguard Association
Drownings, especially among visitors, have become a concern in the Aloha State

Two days, two drownings. On Kauai, those deaths brought the annual drowning toll to double the number of all last year. With an ocean safety reality check, Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair joins us now.

Intro Music: Go by Pleasure Beach
Outro Music: Excitable Boy by Warren Zeevon

Veterans History Project: Director Karen Lloyd

Karen Lloyd

Credit Library of Congress
The Veterans History Project is an effort by the Library of Congress to preserve the stories of American veterans

When we talk about veterans in Hawaii, it has a particular meaning here, As move further away from what happened at Pearl Harbor, and America’s entrance into World War Two, the further away slips the proportion of families who firsthand experience with a military family member and possibly one who came home. Those who did return came with stories and like veterans of all wars and conflicts, they needed a place to rest. The Veterans History Project of the Library of Congress American Folk Life Center is such a place. It began in 2000 and Retired Army Colonel Karen Lloyd is its director. We talked earlier and I asked her how these stories are moving through our culture in a way that might reacquaint someone with what a veteran has experienced.

Contact the Veteran's History Project at:


Email:  VOHP@loc.gov

Phone: 888-371-5848


Intro Music: The Ties That Bind by Bruce Springsteen

National Trust’s Rehabilitation Alternative for Waikiki Natatorium: Brian Roberts Turner

Brian Roberts

Credit Wikipedia
The Waikiki Natatorium has fallen into a state of disrepair

On Honolulu’s Gold Coast, the memorial remembering those who served in World War One has been crumbling for decades. And just as long there has been controversy over whether to save to demolish the Natatorium. The National Trust for Historic Preservation recently offered a plan to the city. I talked with Senior Field Officer Brian Turner and how it seems to address the needs of all who want to see some or all of it preserved.

Outro Music: This Is My Rifle by Mark Maysey

The Dream of American Citizenship: John Paul Su

John Paul Su

Credit Hawaii International Film Festival
We know the subject of 'Toto' as the American Dream but outside of the US its simply known as "The Dream"

Most of us who live here take the privileges of our American citizenship, and the very abundance of the country we live in, for granted -- but for people all over the world, it’s a distant dream -- the kind of dream that can give purpose to your life.  “Toto,” a new film from the Philippines being shown at the Hawaii International Film Festival, is the story of a man who lives for the idea of a life in America -- even though he has seen the dream’s dark side. John Paul Su is the Director of “Toto,” and he’s with us this morning.

See Toto at HIFF:


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