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The Conversation: Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

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The Race for OHA; Final Thoughts on the Election; A True Paniolo Legend Comes to Stage


The Race for OHA: Trustee Peter Apo

Peter Apo

Credit Office of Hawaiian Affairs
Contrary to popular belief, OHA deals with issues that affect everyone, not just Hawaiians

In the last few years, Office of Hawaiian Affairs has had its share of controversies: the letter written by its CEO asking for an opinion from the secretary of State on the status of the Kingdom of Hawaii, OHA’s indirect funding of the Na’i Aupuni convention and its stance on the Thirty Meter Telescope. Today we’ll find out whether those issues and the controversies they fueled have been enough to unseat longtime incumbents...and to get many non Hawaiians who still may believe they shouldn’t vote in the OHA election to make a choice. Peter Apo is an OHA trustee not involved in today’s election and he joins us now by phone

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Legend of Ko’olau: Gary Kubota

Gary Kubota

Credit Gary Kubota
Gary Kubota's show "The Legend of Ko'olau" is inspired by a legendary paniolo figure.

A Nineteenth-Century standoff between a Hawaiian cowboy and an armed force sent to take him and his son to Molokai’s leper colony is the stuff of theatre for playwright Gary Kubota, whose “Legend of Koolau” is back for a Hawaii performance after a mainland tour.  Gary’s with us in our studio with some reflections on the way mainland audiences respond to his true-life adventure story.   

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Civil Beat Reality Check: New Schools for New Housing Development

Chad Blair

Credit Wikimedia Commons
The need for additional housing units in Honolulu is often discussed but the corresponding need for new schools is not.

Plans for transit oriented development include about 39 thousand units. In addition to rail proximity, they may also come with an additional fee...for schools. Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has the reality check.  

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From the Farm: Neal Conan

Neal Conan

Credit Wikimedia Commons
Its all over but the ballot counting.

As we await results this Election Day, there’s one thing you already know: this political cycle has been different. The two most unpopular presidential candidates in history and a campaign that reflected the difference between the two where racism, sexism and xenophobia played major parts. Huge numbers have already turned out to vote early or by mail, and if estimates can be believed, we may see record numbers by the end of the day.

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Lomi Lomi Instruction: Jody Mountain

Jody Mountain

Credit Jody Mountain
Lomi lomi integrates mind, body, and spirit into one discipline.

Jody Mountain is a dancer, choreographer and teacher who is a lifelong student of what she calls “movement dynamics.” She’s about to lead a workshop into the ancient art of lomi lomi, also known as Kahuna bodywork and in her way of teaching, it’s far more than massage; it’s a discipline that integrates mind, body, and spirit.  She’s on the line with us from her Maui studio.

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