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The Conversation: Friday, October 14th, 2016

Sarah Anderson

Hawaii Agrotourism; Gary Washburn Jazz; Understanding TMT

Agrotourism in Hawaii: Lani Weigart

Lani Weigart

Credit Lani Weigert

Agritourism. As you might imagine, it’s the intersection of agriculture and tourism and the idea is to provide a value added experience for Hawaii visitors. Think specialty items like chocolate, coffee, and personal products whose ingredients are grown and processed in the state. It’s an industry that would like to expand and that’s the topic members of the Hawaii Agritourism Association will discuss tomorrow, including Association Executive Director Lani Weigert.

Intro Music: Skating by Vince Guaraldi Trio
Outro Music: Cupid Untethered by Great Pagans

Big Island Jazz Musician and Instructor: Gary Washburn

Gary Washburn

Credit Sarah Anderson
Gary playing with the Honoka’a Jazz Band at the Honoka’a People’s Theatre.

Gary Washburn has directed the Honoka’a Jazz Band for nearly 40 years, bringing out the best in generations of young musicians.  Bringing out the best in people is what he does best, as evidenced by his new CD in which his compositions, his band leading, and his keyboard playing create an ideal setting for some impressive singers and soloists. “Sassy” has just been released on EmKay records and features Maelan Abran on vocals. Andrea Lindborg on trumpet and fluegelhorn, Bill Noble on alto sax and flute, Jesse Snyder on saxophones.

Intro Music: Sassy by Gary Washburn
Outro Music: Irresistible by Gary Washburn

Civil Beat Reality Check: Veterans Care

Chad Blair

Last month, reports surfaced of slave-like treatment of foreign crews engaged to work on long-line tuna boats. Since then, activists have petitioned for new ways of tracking the fleet. But the fishery council seems to be turning a deaf ear.  

Outro Music: Mama's Got A Secret by Them Vibes

Understanding TMT Opposition: Harry Kim

Mayor-elect Harry Kim

Credit Justin Kalland

What does it mean to really understand another person’s point of view? That’s a question Hawai‘i County Mayor-elect Harry Kim is asking proponents of the 30-meter telescope to stop and consider. The project is still a contested case and whatever the outcome, the perspectives of each side will have to be reconciled as the county moves forward. In a Rotary Club speech this week, Harry Kim suggested that the time to work on that understanding is now.

Intro Music: Pine Away by Martin Sexton

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