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The Conversation: Wednesday, October 12th, 2016


Proposed Game Preserve of Maui; Hawaiian Sovereignty On Stage; What Does It Mean to Be American Today?

A House Divided: Kevin Berg

Kevin Berg

Credit Kevin Berg
A House Divided is an audience interactive production dealing with issues of Hawaiian sovereignty

Thanks Ray and Ian. This is The Conversation on HPR2.  Theater audiences sit in the dark, in silence -- a practice that can either plunge them into the action of the play or separate them from it.   An “immersive” theater experience is something else again, and it can be disconcerting to become part of the action, however passive our role.    Master of Fine Arts Directing candidate Kevin C. K. Berg is the director, and author, of “A House Divided,” an immersive theater production at UH that looks at Hawaiian sovereignty and domestic terrorism in an imagined future, ten years from now.  It’s a work that challenges, and even confronts, its audience  

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Proposed Kanaio Game Preservation Area: Paige DePonte

Paige DePonte

Credit Flickr
The trail to remote Kanaio beach in South Maui, the site of a proposed hunting preserve

Not long ago signs went up in the Maui community of Kanaio with a lot of Nos on them: no camping, no alcohol, no off-road vehicles, just to name a few, The signs left many residents wondering why...they feared it meant that beach accessible property where some still live off the land would soon  be restricted. The land is an 8000-acre lot, of which almost 6000 acres belong to the state. It could become a hunting and game reserve according the Department of Land and Natural Resources. But as the state contemplates the reserve to promote legal hunting, some community members are also concerned about safety

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Veterans Care

Chad Blair

Credit Wikimedia Commons
The outlook for veterans' services in Hawaii has improved in recent years.

Veterans healthcare has been a big issue in recent years. Hawaii in particular has been cited as having a lot of improvement to do. But a new report shows that outlook may be brighter for vets in the Aloha State.

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What does it Mean to Be American? Maya Soetoro-Ng

Maya Soetoro-Ng

Credit National Public Radio
What does it mean to be American in the age of increasing diversity and changing demographics?

If there’s one thing we’ve observed during this election cycle, it’s just how fragmented America has become. Through whatever lens you choose, it’s clear America has been redefining itself. So what does it mean to be an American now - and what that affiliation mean in Hawaii. As part of the NPR initiative, A Nation Engaged, we’re asking those questions of Maya Soetoro-Ng who joins us now.

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