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The Conversation: Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

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Veterans Affairs Update; ‘Boeing Boeing’ on Maui; Debate Recap with Ken Rudin

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Veteran’s Affairs Update: Public Affairs Officer Amy Rohlfs

Amy Rohlfs

Credit Wikimedia Commons
Members of the VFW attend a ceremony in Honolulu

Two years ago, the plight of veterans waiting many months to make healthcare appointments made headlines across the nation. That despite the average wait times reported by the Veterans Administration. In Hawaii, some veterans waited 145 days to see their doctor. The situation got better. A report out this month shows about 95% are seen in under 30 days...and while that's good news, healthcare is only part of the equation. Homelessness, finding jobs and affordable housing confront many of Hawaii’s veterans and their families and the story is getting better. Amy Rohlfs is the Public Affairs Officer for the VA Pacific Islands Healthcare System.

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Puppeteer Nick Knave

Nick Knave

Credit Nick Knave
Isabel and Brujeria The Witch

Busking is a pretty good way to adapt yourself to the rigors of performing; street artists are out there for hours, dealing with hecklers, trying to reach an audience that mostly wants to keep on walking. It’s an exercise in holding an audience’s attention, and it’s how puppeteer Nick Knave got his start.  He has moved here from San Francisco with his cast of characters

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Hanauma Bay

Chad Blair

Credit Wikipedia
Hanauma Bay

The Friends of Hanauma Bay aren’t happy. They say admission fee income for the Bay are being improperly used, despite court orders from over a decade ago. Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has the reality check.

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Political Junkie: Ken Rudin

Ken Rudin

Credit Wikipedia
Presidential Candidates Donald Trump (L) and Hilalry Clinton (R) at the September 26th debate

In advance of last night’s much anticipated first presidential debate, aggregate polls had already narrowed. Those include polls in battleground states, Ohio, Iowa and Florida. Last night there were memorable lines and plenty of action to gauge whose facts stood up to the truth squad. But for their first effort together in front of the American public, did either candidate accomplish what they needed to do? Today we’re asking the political junkie, Ken Rudin

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Maui Onstage Presents Boeing Boeing:  Michael Pulliam

Michael Pulliam

Credit Jack Grace

The bedroom farce is an enduring theatrical genre, filled with romantic misunderstandings, narrow escapes, and plenty of slamming doors.    Boeing, Boeing is a play that sets its shenanigans in the world of air travel, back in those dimly remembered days when a flight attendant’s job was seen as a ticket to glamor and romance.   Michael Pulliam is the director of the Maui On Stage production, and he’s with us this morning.

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