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The Conversation: Thursday, September 22nd, 2016


Giving Aloha; Music of Spain and the New World; Lower Hospital Readmission Rates

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Giving Aloha in Our Community: Jenai Wall

Jenai Wall

Credit Pixabay

Most of us understand the need for charitable giving -- the world is full of people less fortunate than ourselves -- but we want to have a pretty good idea of how our donations are being spent and to direct our own limited resources in a way that reflects our specific concerns. Foodland Super Market has tailored it’s Give Aloha program accordingly: giving donors choices in their manner of giving. Jenai Wall is the chairman and chief executive officer of Foodland Super Market Ltd.

Intro Music: Vultures of Culture by Nahko and Medicine for The People

Outro Music: Aloha by The Mana`o Company

Music of Spain and the New World: Hideki Yamaya

Hideki Yamaya

Credit Hideki Yamaya
Hideki Yamaya

The music of Spain and the New World started half a millennium ago, and to hear the intricate beauty of this unplugged era’s sound is something we don't often get to experience. We need a virtuoso Lutenist and Baroque Guitarist to bring it back-- And today, we’re very fortunate indeed to have just such virtuoso. He is guitarist and lutenist Hideki Yamaya.

Intro Music: Guardame Las Vacas (Look After My Herd) by Luis de Narváez

Outro Music: Allegro by Santiago de Murcia

Civil Beat Reality Check: Commercial Fishing Crews

Chad Blair

Credit Wikipedia

Reports of abuse of foreign crew members aboard international fishing vessels have been an open secret for years -- but only recently has the local industry been forced to address them.   Now the Hawaii Longline Association is reminding us of the legal loopholes that allow US vessels to hire foreign workers, and pay them far less.

Intro Music: Power Lines by Telekenesis

Outro Music: Hacienda Motel by Pichwick

Improvement in Hospital Readmission Rates: Kathleen Libao-Laygo

Kathleen Libao-Laygo

Credit Pixabay

It’s one of the proven metrics of evaluating health care: rates of hospital readmission. It’s a metric easy enough to understand and one that Hawaii’s medical community watches closely. The good news is that Hawaii had the steepest drop in hospital readmission in the nation between 2010 and 2015… Kathleen Libao-Laygo, RN, is the Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs at the Healthcare Association of Hawaii, and she’s with us to help us sort out the data.

Outro Music: Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi

Hawaii Teen Founds Nonprofit ‘The Future Isn’t Hungry’: Brittany Amano

Brittany Amano

Credit Brittany Amano
Brittany Amano

Imagine being a little kid, and experiencing the fear and anxiety of homelessness-- Wondering where your next meal will come from, wondering if you and your family will be safe, wondering if you’ll even have a reason to hope. This happened not so long ago to our next guest. She and her family relied heavily on the support of local food banks, beginning when she was a young girl, and as she grew, she sought a way to stop the cycle. She became a role model for children across the country with her organization, The Future Isn’t Hungry, which she founded in Hawaii in 2010. Her name is Brittany Amano.

Intro Music: Elections by Frere Core-Amen

Outro Music: Hungry - Remix by Niklas Ibach

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