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The Conversation: Friday, September 16th, 2016

Maunui Marine Resource Council

Maui Seawall Controversy; Burlesque Empowering Women; Positive Signs from Hawaii's Doctor Shortage

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Honoapi’ilani Highway-Olowalu Seawalls Planned: Donna Brown 

Donna Brown

Credit Wikimedia Commons
Bridge on the Hana Highway

Often what matters most is what’s happening in the places you see every day. On Maui a group of citizens and organizations including the Maui Tomorrow Foundation have opposed a seawall project near Olowalu on the Honoapi’ilani Highway. They say it would ruin the beach and the coral reef if the Department of Transportation project moves the shoreline up to 40 feet offshore. The project was set to start on Monday during which those opposed would protest. We called Donna Brown, the Maui Representative on the Marine and Coastal Zone Advisory Council to get her assessment of the project and its opposition.

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Burlesque in Hawaii: Violetta Beretta

Violetta Beretta

Credit Hawaii Burlesque Festival

It’s reasonable to assume that before the Internet, libido, creativity, and theatricality had already been perfected. And what may have been regarded as shocking in great-grandpa’s day by many “upstanding” citizens, just happened to attract quite an audience for an onstage glimpse of more than just an ankle, often met with a resounding “Hubba-Hubba!”  These days, more are learning about was once nicknamed “Burlie-Q”  as the entertainment form continues to come back into fashion.  Violetta Beretta is the Director of the Hawaii Burlesque Festival.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: State Investigation Lawsuit

Patti Epler

Alleged wrongdoing within the office of the state’s auditor led to an investigation by the Attorney General earlier this year. Now the state is refusing to share the results of the investigation … yesterday, Civil Beat filed a lawsuit. Editor and General Manager Patti Epler explains why in today’s reality check.

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Addressing Hawaii’s Doctor Shortage: Dr. Kelley Withy

Kelley Withy

Credit Wikipedia
Doctor Victor Dizon with the Aloha Medical Mission

This week, Hawaii got some better news about its doctor’s shortage. Many more doctors had been licenced this year than last - 97 compared to 4. And even accounting for the doctors who retired, Hawaii’s net gain was enough to give hope for the future. Still there is a long way to go and with coming insurance changes paying HMSA doc for keeping people well, we wondered how that might impact the quest for even more docs to study and work in Hawaii. Dr. Kelley Withy is a family physician and health workforce researcher at the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine is Director of the Area Health Education Center.

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Landslide Events Shaping the Hawaiian Islands: Prof. Mike Garcia

Prof. Michael Garcia

Credit Michael Garcia
Prof. Garcia at the summit of Kilauea

What goes up must come down is a law of physics we most often think about when watching something fall through the air. But the same principle applies our volcanic islands that rise up thousands of feet from the ocean floor because of the stationary hot spot beneath the Pacific Plate that's been creating Hawaii’s islands for hundreds of millions of years. When they move away from it, that's when the tug of gravity can lead to sudden catastrophic results on a scale that's almost incomprehensible. We learn more from UH Geology Professor Mike Garcia.

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