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The Conversation: Thursday, September 1st, 2016

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Helping Homeless Survive Storms; Oahu Food Pantry Faces Eviction; The Godfather of Wilderness Backpacking; The Future of Agriculture for Hawaii; Mixed Martial Arts Trainer

Big Island Hurricane Prep: Leilani Ulu

Leilani Ulu

Credit Wikipedia
Hurricane Gonzalo as Seen from the International Space Station

Over the past few days many folks have posted shots of the emergency provisions they’re bringing home to weather whatever the current storms bring our way. But for those without homes to stock, staying safe is in the hands of agencies including Hope Services Hawaii in Hilo. LeilaniUlu is the Homeless Outreach Specialist.

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FeedingHawaiiTogether.org Faces Eviction: Charlie Lorenz 

Charlie Lorenz

Credit Charlie Lorenz
Charlie and Diana Lorenz, co-founders of FeedingHawaiiTogether.org

Meanwhile on Oahu, feeding homeless and other people in need may get a lot more difficult for a kakaako food pantry. FeedingHawaiiTogether.org received notice that the warehouse it uses has been sold and the organization will close its doors on December first, leaving many of Oahu’s working poor without food. Charlie Lorenz is the Executive Director and co-founder of FeedingHawaiiTogether.org

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The Walking Man: Bob Wehrman

Bob Wehrman

Credit Robert Wehrman

As the World Conservation opens at the Hawaii Convention Center, many trace their interest in preserving the planet to the works of the man regarded by many as the Godfather of wilderness backpacking. He comes alive in the new book, “Walking Man-- The Secret Life of Colin Fletcher”. This biography is the latest work of musician, composer, teacher, author and backpacker Dr. Robert Wehrman

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Hawaii Agriculture Update: Vincent Mina

Vincent Mina

Credit Vincent Mina
Pouring Water from the waiku into the bed

Earlier in the program we talked about a food pantry losing its warehouse space and closing its doors in three months unless a new space can be found. But having enough food whether on the shelves of a food pantry for those in need or a supermarket, means having food to put on them. As Hawaii continues to grapple with upping its food security, part of the issue is how much more we can grow here to feed ourselves. Hawaii Farmers Union United President, Vince Mina is testing a new system that he says will help increase the amount and variety of food Hawaii can produce.

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Mixed Martial Artist Travis Ewing

Travis Ewing

Credit Pixabay

Those who remember the TV series “Kung Fu” and the adventures of Shaolin monk Kwai Chang Kane may wonder if the Shaolin are real. He finds out that indeed they are. Their discipline and philosophy are filled with beauty and harmony, yet the force they can bring to bear is incredible. Merge this with western mixed martial arts, and many young competitors in the MMA ring...and controversies may arise. Travis Ewing understands this well, for his family roots are both Eastern and Western.

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