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The Conversation: Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Flickr - Kurtis Garbutt

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External Homelessness Update; Ohina Short Film Showcase; The Future of Monetary Policy; 1776: The Musical

Hawaii Homelessness from the Outside Update: Katy Miller

Katy Miller

Credit Flickr- Colin Miller
Homeless Camp on Farrington Highway, Oahu

  Almost a year ago, we devoted a week to finding out how other cities were working to end homelessness and what Hawaii might learn. One of the people we spoke with was Katy Miller a Regional Coordinator on the National Initiatives team at the US Interagency Council on Homelessness. She is in Honolulu this week and since our original conversation, we wanted to know her assessment of Hawaii’s progress and ongoing challenges.

Intro Music: The Ocean by Mike Perry, Shy Martin

Outro Music: Good Life by One Republic

Ohina Short Film Showcase: Vilsoni Hereniko

Vilsoni Hereniko

Credit Ohina Film Festival
A scene from Mirage

  Ohina means gathering or collection, and the Ohina Short Film Showcase provides Hawai'i's independent filmmakers with a chance to gather both their films and the local community. Professor VilsoniHereniko of the University of Hawaii’s Academy for Creative Media and three of his students produced films screening in this Friday’s Festival, and he joins us in studio.

Intro Music: Mirage soundtrack composed by Takuma Itoh

Outro Music: Mirage soundtrack composed by Takuma Itoh

Potential Problems with Monetary Policy in the Future & Long Term Lack of Inflation: Carl Bonham

Carl Bonham

Credit Flickr - bradhoc
The Chicago branch of the Federal Reserve

  The balancing act of manipulating interest rates just enough to keep tabs on inflation has long been the mainstay of federal monetary policy. Since the great recession, the Fed has kept interest rates low to spur the economy and while the recovery it helped support was far less robust than the bounce felt in past recoveries, the real question now is whether low interest rates and low inflation have become the new normal

Intro Music: DW Theme

Outrio Music: Fear the Boom and the Bust by John Papola and Russ Roberts

1776 The Musical at Paliku Theatre: Tom Holowach 

Tom Holowach

Credit Paliku Theatre

  Long before the monster hit Hamilton got American singing about a founding fathers take on monetary policy, there was another show clued into the country’s beginnings. Set in the summer of 1776, the colonies are ready to declare independence... if only the founding fathers can agree to do it! "1776" follows John Adams of Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, plus Richard Henry Lee and Thomas Jefferson of Virginia as they attempt to convince the members of the second Continental Congress to vote for independence from the shackles of the British monarchy by signing the Declaration of Independence. If this is all news to you, you're not alone - and it’s why Palikutheatre is bringing back 1776.

Intro Music: Piddle, Twiddle and Resolve by Original Broadway Cast of 1776

Outro Music: But Mr. Adams by Original Broadway Cast of 1776

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