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The Conversation: Wednesday, August 24th, 2016


Evolution of Our Response to Terror; Oahu Trivia Champs; MADD’s Legislative Agenda; Unifying Cultures Through Ethnobiology

Long View: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

Credit Flickr - Day Donaldson
ISIS militants

In a few weeks, the US will mark the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. After all the changes those years have brought, the issues we continue to grapple with are whether we now better understand how to fight and face terrorism. An article in the September issue of the The Atlantic Magazine, is based on a year-long study, and in it writer Stephen Brill asks a basic question: Are we safer?  Contributing editor Neal Milner joins us now with a look at Brill’s position and two responses to it

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Trivia Contest Winners: Art Harris

Art Harris

Credit Art Harris
Team Chucky at Manifest's trivia night

Quiz shows are addictive -- to watch them, and to play them… and once a player gets hooked, he’s hooked for life.   It’s safe to say that would describe Art Harris, proud member of Team Chucky, the winning team in the Oahu Island Trivia Tournament of Champions.  His victory is taking hm to Vegas.

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MADD Legislative Agenda: Carol McNamee

Carol McNamee

Credit Flickr -arnoldlawgroup

Hawaii is one of 23 states with mandatory ignition interlock provisions for all drunk driving offenses. That law came in 2011, and since then drunk driving has dropped by 23 percent according to Mothers Against Driving Hawaii. Still MADD would like to see lawmakers improve the current law, allowing for no-refusal activities...those are their words. To explain what those, give us a look of brand new statistics and how the national 5 year MADD strategic plan begin last year is influencing MADD Hawaii’s crafting of its 2017 legislative agenda. MADD Honolulu's signature event, Walk Like MADD takes place on September 10, and is registering walkers and donors

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Unifying Theory of Ethnobiology: Gary Paul Nabhan

Gary Paul Nabhan

Credit Wikipedia
Mangyan men in the Philippines were a subject of study by ethnobiologists in the 20th Century

  Western science has a troubling history of ignoring the accumulated knowledge of indigenous people around the world… as Western powers colonized far-off corners of the world, their scientists often ignored, or simply failed to ask, what the people who lived there already knew about the natural world around them.  Gary Paul Nabhan is an ethnobiologist whose mission it is to remedy an imbalance that has denied us priceless knowledge… He’s on his way to Maui for a talk

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