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The Conversation: Wednesday, August 10th, 2016


Long View; Chile Pepper Festival; The State of Affordable Housing on Kaua’i

Long View: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

Credit Neal Milner

With all the emphasis on national politics right now, it could be easy to feel a loss of control or importance over the big issues that could shape the country. But for most people, it’s the place where they live that shapes their lives…their neighborhoods. People in Hawaii often identify themselves by which neighborhood they call home and while those identifiers might be used by other people to stereotype folks, recent research shows more substance to the effects of neighborhoods. Even in the age of globalization with the ability to quickly keep contact outside of the place near you, neighborhoods matter.

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Chile Pepper Festival: Pam Boyar

Pam Boyar

Credit dailyacross

There are as many varieties of chile peppers as there are ways to prepare them, and Hawaii’s ideal growing climate has spawned a number of intrepid growers and chefs who love what chiles can do to spice up a meal… This Saturday offers an opportunity to learn just how detailed a study of the humble chile pepper can get; there’s a chile pepper festival in town, and its organizer, Pam Boyar, is with us this morning.

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The State of Affordable Housing on Kaua’i: Debra deLuis

Debra deLuis

Credit Debra deLuis

You can’t live in Hawai‘i without knowing that the state has an affordable housing shortage. Island to island, counties are trying different ways to narrow the gap -even a little. On Kaua‘i today, the Planning Committee of the County Council will take up a bill to change zoning requirements to add small units to the L?hu‘e community. Bill 2627 is in its second draft and would allow an easing of restrictions and give support to the construction of additional rental units on properties that meet proposed requirements. Debra deLuis is t is an active member and officer of Kaua‘i Community Alliance, a collaborative working together to end homelessness and create sustainable housing options on Kaua`i and in the State of Hawai`i.

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