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The Conversation: Wednesday, July 13th, 2016


An Alternative View on Bids to Cool Hawaii Classrooms; Savant Books and Publications; Democratic Convention Delegate; Ridge to Reef Rendezvous

An Alternative View on Bids to Cool Hawaii Classrooms: John White

John White

Credit Kowb1290

The effort to make classroom temperatures bearable for students and teachers was supposed to be underway this summer. But when the DOE received the actual bids, the budget of twenty to forty thousand dollars per classroom came up short. That led Representative Matt LoPresti to ask the state’s Attorney General to investigate potential gouging by the construction industry...a charge that John White says isn’t true. John White is the executive director of the Pacific Resource Partnership -the group that represents contractors and the largest construction union in Hawaii.

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Savant Books and Publications: Dan Janik

Dan Janik

Credit savantbooksandpublications

Today’s publishing industry has changed dramatically from the way it was only a generation ago, and publishers have had to scramble to adapt: to electronic media, to the explosion of self-publishing, and to a world whose ever-shortening attention span seems to be moving away from serious literature. Savant Books and Publications is an O’ahu-based house that wants to help new authors find an audience, and is willing to give them the time to do it. Dan Janik is the company’s founder, and he’s with us this morning.

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Democratic Convention Delegate: John Bickel

John Bickle

Credit Flickr
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

In a little less than two weeks, John Bickle will find himself in Philadelphia. He’s a Hawaii delegate for Bernie Sanders and yesterday heard the senator’s endorsement of former rival Hillary Clinton. That was prior to a call to Sanders supporters later in the day and before Sen Sander’s statement this morning that his job is to get Mrs. Clinton elected. We wondered how that is being heard by the Sander’s delegates from our state which voted overwhelmingly in favor of the senator during the last democratic caucus.

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Ridge to Reef Rendezvous:Liz Foote

Liz Foote

Credit omharo.blogspot
Coral Reef

It’s all too easy to disrupt the delicate balance of a coral reef -- and near shore areas close to large human populations are almost always at risk. In West Maui, the Kahekili Herbivore Fisheries Management Area.. Offshore at Kahekili Beach Park, has seen its share of environmental degradation. The upcoming Ridge to Reef Rendezvous at the beach celebrates the stewardship of ocean resources as it aims to educate the public about the need for it. Liz Foote is a coordinator of the Ridge to Reef Rendezvous, and he’s with us this morning.

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