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The Conversation: Friday, July 1st, 2016


A Future of Nationalism & Rejected Globalization; Hawai`i Living Legend Harry; FCC Chair Proposes Retaining Most U.S. Media Ownership Rules; Maui Huliau Foundation Summer Eco-Camp

A Future of Nationalism & Rejected Globalization: Jairus Grove

Jairus Grove

Credit Wikipedia

We hear it in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to make America great again by bringing back jobs and saying no to trade deals, we see it in the BREXIT vote and in subsequent calls by other countries to do likewise to chart their own futures. The move toward nationalism and away globalization has ramped up in recent days. WE brought in Professor Jairus Grove, the Director of the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies to find out what he sees in our changing world.

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Hawai`i Living Legend Harry Tsuchidana’s 1st Retrospective

Harry Tsuchidana

Credit Scott Whelden
Hawai`i Living Legend Harry Tsuchidana

There’s no single pathway to the artist’s life; it’s never easy to pinpoint just what makes a person set out on a life devoted to the perfection of a craft and the intermittent rewards of the artist’s life. For Harry Tsuchidana, whose work over the past fifty years is being celebrated with a retrospective exhibition at the Honolulu Museum of Art, the fascination with images on paper came early, and has never left him.  

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FCC Chair Proposes Retaining Most U.S. Media Ownership Rules: Todd O’Boyle

Todd O’Boyle

Credit Wikipedia
Federal Communications Commission in Washington, D.C

This week, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler proposed that the agency keep the majority of its rules about cross-media ownership. That’s ownership of radio and TV stations and newspapers by one company in the same market. We called Todd O’Boyle the Program Director of Common Cause, one of the organizations that has staunchly promoted the restrictions to see how Chairman wheelers proposal stacks up.

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Maui Huliau Foundation Summer Eco-Camp: Malia Cahill

Malia Cahill

Credit Malia Cahill
Maui Huliau Foundation Summercamp

Each one of Hawaii’s islands is, in its way, an ideal laboratory for environmental studies -- studies that, by their very nature, benefit from being taken out of the classroom. Malia Cahill is the Executive Director of the Huliau Foundation, which is conducting a four-day eco-adventure teen summer camp with Maui as the learning lab, and Malia’s on the line to tell us about it.

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