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The Conversation: Friday, June 24th, 2016

Marine Conservation Science Institute

Coral Reef Symposium; Studying Sharks; Collusion Among Contractors for School AC; Rising Stars Showcase

Coral Reef Symposium: Hugh Possingham

Hugh Possingham

Credit Marine Conservation Science Institute
Coral Reef Palmyra Atoll

 Today the 13th International Coral Reef Symposium comes to an end. As with all conferences, this one will likely finish with calls to action and a renewed commitment to the world’s coral reefs, but after the conference high wears off, what are the actions we’re most likely to see? Hugh Possingham heads the Nature Conservancy and joins us now with his list of takeaways.

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Studying Sharks: Dr. Michael Domeier

Dr. Michael Domeier

Credit Philip Colla

  Much of our current fear of sharks comes from a species few people have ever seen: the oceanic white tip shark, a predator whose population has been depleted by commercial fishing. Michael L. Domeier, President of the Marine Conservation Science Institute in Waikoloa, has studied their behavior at first hand: well enough to know that they live up to their fearsome reputation. His research is part of an upcoming television Shark Week segment, and he told us what a close encounter with an oceanic white tip feels like.

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Collusion Among Contractors for School AC: Rep Matt LoPresti

Rep Matt LoPresti

Credit StockMonkeys.com

 This year’s legislative session ended with lawmakers appropriating a hundred million dollars to cool a thousand classrooms by the end of this year. Now it appears the anticipation of a more educationally-friendly climate will be delayed. This week, came the announcement that the bids for the work all came in well over budget… and the reopening of the bid process won’t happen until next year. That has one lawmaker steamed. Rep. Matt LoPresti is asking the state AG to look into whether there was gouging; moreover he’s looking for volunteers and businesses of goodwill to make the project happen with a realistic timeline and at a reasonable cost. 

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Rising Stars Showcase: Bailey Hutton

Bailey Hutton

Credit Hawaii Children's Theatre
HCT's Production of The Wizard of Oz

  You don’t know what you’re capable of until you try -- and if there’s one important message that comes out of children’s theater camp, that’s it. Young people who make the leap into the theater arts often surprise themselves with capabilities they never knew they had. It’s a phenomenon Bailey Hutton has witnessed again and again as Program Director for Hawaii Children’s Theater’s Summer Stars. A group of Kauai kids who are about to put on their first show. 

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