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The Conversation: Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016


Teaching Grit; Contortion Workshop; RIMPAC Returns to Hawai‘i; A Photo History of  Kaua’i

Long View: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

Credit Pintrest

  Grit is often defined as the resolve to work hard and postpone gratification to get a job done. It’s one of the desired outcomes in character education. But can a school really teach grit? Despite curriculum that professes to up the grit quotient, some recent research says it can’t be taught. And that has national policy implications as so many schools are adopting it. Our resident social scientist Neal Milner had a look and is back with a long view look at character education.

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Contortion Workshop: Natalie Rhae

Natalie Rhae

Credit Kevin Bennett
Natalie Rhea

  Everyone who exercises regularly learn the value of flexibility -- but the world of the contortionist is something else again... some of their poses stretch your idea of what’s humanly possible. Natalie Rhae performs regularly at circuses around the country, showing off skills she learned from one of the Mongolian masters of the art, and she says many of those skills are within our reach. She’s backing that up with a beginner’s workshop in contortion that she’s bringing to Maui, and we talked about it.

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Rim of the Pacific War Games Begins June 30: Ralph Cossa

Ralph Cossa

Credit Wikipedia

  Next week, the biannual international Rim of the Pacific exercises begins in waters around Hawaii and Southern California. Included in the 27 participating countries are China and the Philippines - countries at odds in the contentious region of the South China Sea. That ongoing conflict over authority in the area has developed substantially since the last RIMPAC. We wanted to know what impact that may have on the maritime exercises. We called Ralph Cossa, President of the Pacific Forum CSIS who joins us now.

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Seductions of Kauai, History Remembered: Denis Orme

Denis Orme

Credit Wikipedia
The Wailua River

  Denis Orme has been a photographer all his life, so he understands that every image has a story behind it. For his new book about his Kauai home, those stories, and those images, are brought together to evoke the island’s colorful past. His book is Seductions of Kauai, History Remembered, and he’s on the line with us this morning.

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