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The Conversation: Tuesday, May 31st, 2016


Future of the Democratic Party in Hawaii; M?noa Valley Walking Tour; From the Farm with Neal Conan; UH Kids First! Film Festival

Future of the Democratic Party: Tim Vandeveer

Tim Vandeveer

Credit Tim Vandeveer
Tim Vandeveer (Center) at the recent State Democratic Convention

There’s no doubt that Hawai‘i is bluer than blue… and like other states in the same category, it’s a question of what shade of blue Democrats support. Some, including many younger and first time voters prefer the Sanders hue, more seasoned voters are choosing Hillary Clinton. In Hawai‘I, the split resonated at the state convention, where Democrats chose new leadership and made a categorical statement over the issue of superdelegates the next time around. New party chair and Sanders supporter Tim Vandeveer, has already met with the rest of the leadership team and is in our studio now.

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Historic Manoa, Honolulu’s First ‘Streetcar Subdivision’:  Linda Le Grande

Linda Le Grande

Credit Linda Le Grande
Manoa Valley

Neighborhoods are best appreciated at a walking pace, and Honolulu’s urban neighborhoods, more often than not, are rich with history.   Manoa’s College Hills subivision has more than its share, as a community that was planned from the beginning to be a quiet place to raise a family, an easy streetcar ride from downtown.  The streetcars are long gone, but the neighborhood’s charm remains, and it’ll be on display when MalamaManoa offers its 2016 Manoa Historic Walking Tour a week from Saturday.  Linda LeGrande is chair of the event,

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From the Farm: Neal Conan

Neal Conan

We are, at long last, in the homestretch of the presidential primaries...It's all over on the Republican side, but Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are battling down to the wire in California... and this morning California’s Governor endorsed Hillary Clinton in Iraq, the battle is for the City of Fallujah, which has been in the hands of the Islamic State for more than two years now... after a week away, News Analyst Neal Conan joins us from his Mac nut farm on the Big Island, as he does most Tuesdays

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UH KIDS FIRST! Film Festival Celebrates 1st Decade: Ann Brandman

Ann Brandman

Credit Len Yokoyama
Children and parents at the KIDS FIRST! film festival

So many kids’ movies, the kind that make their way to the multiplex, seem like adult movies in disguise, filled with smart-alecky adult humor that doesn’t really fit a child’s sensibility when you see movies that do speak to that sensibility, you can really tell the difference. Several of the films being shown at the 10th annual UH Manoa KIDS FIRST! Film Festival celebrates children’s fascination with the natural world. Ann Brandman of the UH Outreach College has been putting the festival together, and she’s with us in our studio.

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