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The Conversation: Monday, May 30th, 2016

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Off Shore Wind Farm Proposal; Revisiting the Battle of Midway; Building Smart Housing on Oahu; Preserving Historic Pearl Harbor Site

Proposed Wind Farms in Kahuku and off shore: Henry Curtis

Henry Curtis

Credit Wikipedia

Hawaii's need for energy will continue to increase along with its growing population. On Oahu, Kahuku is already home to wind driven power. This time last year, NaPuaMakani Power Partners unveiled a plan to add 10 turbines next door to the current wind farm. The current scheme calls for fewer but taller turbines and that presents changes to the original Environmental Impact Statement. Meanwhile, two companies are floating plans for offshore turbines to produce roughly a quarter of Oahu's current needs. Here to comment on the land and sea turbines is Life of the Land Executive Director, Henry Curtis.

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Battle of Midway Anniversary: Burl Burlingame

Burl Burlingame

Credit Wikimedia Commons
The deck of the USS Enterprise during the Battle of Midway

The Japanese Empire won a decisive victory with its 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor and was on its way to mastery of the Pacific, with all the momentum in its favor -- until Midway, a naval battle fought in early June of 1942, six months after Pearl Harbor.    The fearsome and previously invincible Japanese fleet was never the same after Midway -- but even then, if would be four long years before the Empire surrendered. It’s a battle that yields many lessons, and Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor Historian Burl Burlingame is with us to sort them out.

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Developing new housing on Oahu: Harrison Rue

Harrison Rue

Credit Wikimedia Commons
Interstate H1 Eastbound

For years, Honolulu officials have tied developing housing - including affordable rentals - along the rail route. With continued escalating costs, there’s now the question of whether rail will be completed as originally envisioned - and if that happens, what will that mean for much needed housing development. Harrison Rue is the Community Building and Transit Oriented Development Administrator for the City and County of Honolulu and in our studio

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Effort to Preserve Historic Pearl Harbor Battleship Moorings: Minette Lew McCabe

Minette Lew McCabe

Credit Minette Lew McCabe
Mooring quay at Pearl Harbor

Historical events change the nature of ordinary objects; they become the artifacts of a day the world should never forget. When the Japanese Empire’s bombers destroyed the pride of America’s Pacific Fleet in that early-morning surprise attack on December 7th, 1941, they were tied to their moorings -- easy prey. Minette Lew-McCabe is a Development Officer at Pacific Historic Parks, and she’s leading an effort to get those moorings restored

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