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The Conversation: Tuesday, May 17th, 2016


Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet; M?noa Valley Theater Production of Equus; Neal Conan; Hawai‘i Students Wins National Shakespeare Competition

Peace Corps’ 55th Year: Carrie Hessler-Radelet

Carrie Hessler-Radelet

Credit Flickr - kc7fys
A Peace Corps volunteer in Mali

In Hawaii, there are more of them than there have been in the past four years...and while 29 might not seem a huge number to you, to the Peace Corps the current upswing of the volunteers who live in our state are part of a national trend the program hopes will continue. In its 55 year history, the Peace Corps has sent over 1400 Hawaii residents to remote places to build relationships as much  as livable communities. In recent years, there’s been controversy over the safety of Peace Corps volunteers.  We spoke with Director Carrie Hessler- Radelet in advance of her visit to Hawaii later this week and I asked her first about whether modern volunteers are still what JFK called America’s best resource.

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Manoa Valley Theatre’s production of Equus: Alex Munro

Alex Munro

Credit Wikipedia

The roots of severe mental illness go deep, and the effort of a therapist can be compared to that of a detective, working from fitfully provided clues to construct a coherent narrative.    The dramatic momentum of Equus, a powerful meditation on religion, sexuality, and the workings of a troubled mind, comes from that effort, as a psychiatrist in a mental hospital struggles to reach a troubled young man who has fixated on horses… Alex Munro is the director of a Mano’a Valley Theater production that opens this week, and he’s with us this morning...

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From the Farm: Neal Conan

Neal Conan

Increasingly more of the Republican establishment is coming to accept the party's all-but-certain nominee, meanwhile Democrats continue to fight, even though THAT party's nomination appears to be locked up as well...and voters in the Philippines elect a tough talking populist who could shake up the strategic alignment in the South China Sea...some of the stories on the mind of News analyst Neal Conan this week...he joins us most Tuesdays from his Mac Nut farm on the Big Island

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New ESU National Shakespeare Competition Champ: Ari Dalbert

Ari Dalbert

Credit Ari Dalbert
Ari Dalbert

There’s a reason actors spend their entire careers interpreting Shakespeare,  and chart the course of their own lives by the roles they play -- starting as Romeo, ending as King Lear… His work can be interpreted, and re-interpreted endlessly -- but the poetry falls flat unless it is understood, which makes young Ari Dalbert’s accomplishment, as the national winner of  the 33rd  annual English-Speaking Union’s National Shakespeare Competition, all the more remarkable

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