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The Conversation: Monday, May 16th, 2016


Election Rules in the Supreme Court; Transgender Students in Hawai‘i; New Album from North Shore Guitarist Ian O’Sullivan; Hale Nani Management Responds to Strike; Classical Violinist Nancy Shoop-Wu

Supreme Court to Hear Office of Elections Challenge: Lance Collins

Lance Collins

Credit Wikipedia

If you were in Hawaii for the 2012 election, you probably remember that it didn’t go smoothly- lack of ballots in precincts, ballots showing races a voter in a particular district wasn’t entitled to cast a vote, needed ballots went to the wrong precincts. On Wednesday, the case brought by the Green Party and seven voters will be heard by the state Supreme Court. Still at issue are the rulemaking procedures and methodologies under the Hawaii Administrative Procedure Act. Lance Collins is arguing the case and he’s in our studio this morning.

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President Directive Regarding Transgender Bathrooms: Donalyn Dela Cruz

Donalyn Dela Cruz

Credit Pixbay.com

  In the wake of the Obama Administration’s mandate that U.S. public schools give transgender students freedom to choose which bathroom they identify with, we spoke with DonalynDela Cruz from the Hawai‘i Department of Education to hear about the way forward for Hawaii’s schools.

Outro Music: Easier Said by Sunflower Bean

Ian O’Sullivan’s New CD

Ian O'Sullivan

Credit Ian O'Sullivan

  Musicians write about the things that touch them most deeply: home, family, loved ones… and Hawaii musicians have a special feeling for songs about home… For guitarist Ian O’Sullivan, that’s Oahu’s North Shore, and it’s easy enough to imagine the kind of inspiration it might provide… Ian has crafted a new CD called "Songs for the North Shore" and he’s with us this morning, guitar in hand...

Intro Music: Pupukea by Ian O'Sullivan

Outro Music: Ka'ala by Ian O'Sullivan

*Ian O'Sullivan will be playing at HPR's Atherton Studio on June 18th

Avalon side of the Local 5 Hale Nani strike: Steve Gold

Steve Gold

Today, more than 200 certified nurse aides at Hale Nani Rehabilitation and Nursing Center are scheduled to go on strike. Last week we talked with one of the them, a woman who was fired for promoting union activities to stem the workload the CNAs say is detrimental to their patients. In short, there aren’t enough of them, according to Unite Here Local 5. Avalon Health Care, the owner of Hale Nani, the state’s largest skilled nursing care facility, took issue with the former employee. Steve Gold, the Regional Vice President for the company and the administrator of hale Nani and joins us now by phone

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Atherton Concert, ‘Rainbow Road’ CD: Violinist Nancy Shoop-Wu

Nancy Shoop-Wu

Credit Nancy Shoop-Wu
Nancy Shoop-Wu

  When Nancy Shoop-Wu, violinist, came to Hawai’i, she found her wellspring of inspiration, one that has brought her to the recording of her second solo CD, Rainbow Road. She’s getting ready to perform it in our Atherton studio this weekend, and she joins us this morning

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Outro Music: Sunrise Over Haleiwa by Nancy Shoop-Wu

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