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The Conversation: Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Wikimedia Commons

The Long View; 2016 NASA Space App Challenge; Standardized Testing in Hawaii; Oiwi Film Festival

Long View: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

Populism is certainly in the air in the 2016 presidential campaign. People call presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump a populist and Bernie Sander’s campaign has centered on his populist appeal. It’s tempting, especially if you look at how much media is covering this presidential election, to think populism is a powerful, exceptionally strong ideology right here and right now. But according to two social scientists, you’d be wrong. Contributing Editor Neal Milner has some of the reasons.

Intro Music: Listen for the Laugh by Bruce Cockburn

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NASA Space App Challenge 2016: Jason Sewell

Jason Sewell

Credit Wikimedia Commons

If you Google “Space Hackathon” and your name is Jason Sewell, there's a good chance that one of your students at DevLeague took part in the NASA Space Apps Challenge right here in Hawaii. DevLeague is an intense boot camp for coders co-founded,by Jason Sewell...And there’s also a good chance-- As in one hundred per cent--that his SuperGeeks and HyperNerds came up with ten programs that Mr. Spock would find “Fascinating”. Jason Sewell joins us this morning.

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Hawaii Right on Standardized Testing: Robert Pondiscio

Robert Pondiscio

Credit Flickr - Alberto G.

  Many of Hawaii’s students have been taking a lot of standardized tests lately...making some teachers chafe at teaching time lost and others glad for what the tests measure. Senior Fellow and Vice President for External Affairs at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute Robert Pondiscio stands with the later group. He says Hawaii is right to hold on to standardized testing. Today we continue our look at where Hawaii’s education system goes from here under the Every Student Succeeds Act, Robert Pondiscio joins us now.

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Oiwi Film Festival: Joan Lander, Co-Founder of Na Maka O Ka Aina

Joan Lander

Credit Joan Lander
Joan Lander and Puhipau

  This year marks the Fifth Anniversary of the '?iwi Film Festival, which is dedidicated to giving Native Hawaiian People voice and vision through films documenting traditional and contemporary Hawaiian culture, politics, history, language and the environment. But this year is bittersweet for documentary filmmaker Joan Lander. She and her partner Puhipau founded N?Maka o ka‘?ina, “The Eyes of the Land” in 1982, and Puhipau left us just a few months ago. This year, the festival is dedicated to his memory.

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