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The Conversation: Friday, April 29th, 2016


Changes to Doctor Compensation; Artist Training Program; Prison Reform in Hawaii

HMSA Changing to Capitation Payments: Scott Miscovich

Scott Miscovich


  For years, doctors have taken issue with how the government pays them to care for certain patients. Now Hawaii doctors who are part of HMSA’s network are growing angry with the insurers change to how they are compensated. At issue is the new capitated payment plan. It would pay doctors a monthly sum for each patient they have, whether or not they actually see the patent.  It’s an attempt some say to pay based on how well docs keep their patients. As good as that sounds, many doctors believe it will encourage them to winnow out those who need greater, ongoing care - and a pre-authorization for tests ordered. Dr. Scott Miscovich is a primary care doctor now in an HMSA pilot program and he joins us now.

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Atelier Training course: William Zwick

William Zwick

Contemporary art has an uneasy relationship with classical technique -- and many of its practitioners seem to get by without it, but technique liberates the imagination, and young artists can benefit from grounding in the skills of classical realism. Born at a time when meticulous draftsmanship was the norm. William Zwick is an instructor at Windward Community College who conducting an intensive six-week “Atelier Hawaii” workshop this summer and he’s on the line with us this morning.

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Reintegrating Offenders into the Community: Les Estrella

Les Estrella


  Prison reform advocates always tell us, one day some of the people living behind bars may be living right next door. What makes the difference in those who make it on the outside and the almost 70 percent who go back to jail after three years often amounts to meaningful help in the initial transition from prison to an independent life. And while it may not have registered on your calendar, this week is the first ever national reentry week. The Hawaii Island Going Home Consortium of more than 50 groups continues its activities today and this weekend.

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