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The Conversation: Monday, April 25th, 2016

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Penalties for Dumping; Shakespeare’s First Folio; The Legislative Process; Music of Shakespeare

Illegal Curbside Dumping, C&C Bill 24: Councilmember Kymberly Pine

Kymberly Pine

Credit Wikipedia

  We all make trash but how we dispose of it varies greatly- especially when it comes to bulky items. A measure up again for consideration by the Public Health, Safety and Welfare committee of the Honolulu City and County Council wants to fix that by making curbside dumping illegal. Leeward West Oahu councilmemberKymberly Pine co-introduced the bill up for another hearing by the committee tomorrow. She’s on the phone now

Intro Music: Ants Marching/Ode to Joy by The Piano Guys

Outro Music: Trash by The New York Dolls

Shakespeare First Folio: Mark Lawhorn

Mark Lawhorn

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Shakespeare's First Folio

  Shakespeare is the most enduring and adaptable of artists -- and there are few who can unleash fresh miracles 400 years after their death but everything about the Bard is exceptional, and it’s impossible to look at the First Folio, the first published collection of his plays, without renewing our sense of wonder. Mark Lawhorn is an associate professor of English at Kapiolani Community College, which is playing host to a traveling exhibit from the Folger Shakespeare Library that opens today, and he’s with us this morning.

Intro Music: Such Sweet Thunder by Duke Ellington

Outro Music: The Earl of Essex Galiard by Dowland, Holborne, & Byrd.

Following Passage of Bills: Virginia Beck

Virginia Beck

Credit Wikipedia
Hawaii State Capitol

  Deckings, crossovers...the legislative calendar is peppered with those words and several are happening this week as bills make their way to the end of the current session ...and possibly to their end, if no conference compromise can be found for those bills with very different versions passed by the state House and Senate. It’s the time when we traditionally see bills morph, language inserted or deleted far from public scrutiny - and in the case of a bill this year, without any text. Virginia Beck is the coordinator of the public access room at the Capitol and is in our studio with some explanation of the last phase of an often confusing process.

Intro Music: Wake N Bake by Simplified

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Shakespeare-era music: Ian Capps

Ian Capps

Elizabethan England was a fertile time for music; the Virgin Queen loved music and dance and encouraged her subjects to do the same… Shakespeare’s plays are filled with music, and with language that conveys his understanding of its power to move the human spirit: “...naught so stockish, hard, and full of rage/ But music for the time doth change his nature.” Ian Capps is the host of HPR’s the Early Muse, and he’s with us in our studio to help us understand just what the music of Shakespeare’s time sounded like

Intro Music: Stargazer Theme

Outro Music: The Merchant of Venice by Dan Sandman

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