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The Conversation: Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

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Gender Wage Gap; "Born to Be Wild" at La Pietra; All Girl Paddleout on Maui

Hawaii’s Gender Wage Gap: Rachel Lyons

Rachel Lyons

It’s not as bad as in some other states, but that’s small comfort to any woman in Hawaii earning less than a man in a comparable position. Throughout the US, yesterday marked how far into this year a woman had to work to equal what a man made last year. And with over a half century since the passage of the Equal Pay Act, is the US - and Hawaii- any closer to equal meaning equal. We called Rachel Lyons at the National Partnership for Women & Families. She’s the senior government affairs manager for workplace programs

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La Pietra fantasy play, "Born To Be Wild": Lisa Boggis

Lisa Boggis

Credit La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls

What would animals say, if they could speak to us? We know they have personalities of their own but what would language add to the mix? It’s an idea that has special appeal to the young, and children’s literature is filled with talking creatures. Lisa Boggis, who teaches theater at La Pietra, has taken that notion as the heart of a new fantasy play to be performed by her students, called “Born to Be Wild”.

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The Butterfly Effect: Tatiana Howard

Tatiana Howard

Credit Facebook - The Butterfly Effect

It’s unlikely that Tatiana Howard knew just what she was creating when she started her first Butterfly Effect wave riding event… It was intended as a non-competitive girls-just-want-to have-fun exercise, and it clearly struck a chord… spreading to beaches around the world.   It’s now in its tenth year, and it’s coming to Maui this weekend

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