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The Conversation: Wednesday, March 30th, 2016


Millennial Political Participation; Contemporary Photography; Report on Pesticide Use on Kaua'i; Japanese Tea Ceremony

Long View: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

Credit Flickr - ITU Pictures

Last Saturday, Hawaii Democrats overwhelmingly said they preferred Bernie Sanders. Still, to look at who polls well for Sanders, you could call him the kids candidate. In every primary and caucus, he does markedly better with young voters than Hillary Clinton. But relying on the youth vote is a risky strategy as young people are the least likely to vote. Then again, there have been some notable departures in the not so long view. Contributing Editor Neal Milner is back with some recent research that shows Millennials are indeed politically and civicly engaged.

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Contemporary Photography: David Ulrich

David Ulrich

Credit Pixbay

Everything about Hawaii invites the photographer, from the quality of the light to the variety of subjects it offers - and each new generation finds new ways to shoot it. You can trace the way perceptions are shifting through the annual exhibit Contemporary Photography in Hawaii 2016, which brings together dozens of points of view. The show has just opened, and David is here to tell us what to expect.

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Kaua'i County/DOA Draft Investigative Joint Pesticide Report: Paul Achitoff

Paul Achitoff

Credit Flickr - Rod Ramsey
Kaua'i Taro Field

You might remember that just a few weeks ago the draft report on Kauai pesticide use by the Joint Fact Finding Study Group was released...and it was received differently, depending on who was commenting. The head of the department of Agriculture, Scott Enright, largely dismissed the report, pointing to inconclusive evidence of harm. Others, including Paul Achitoff of Earthjustice saw something else: the need to get the EPA involved. Paul Achitoff joins us now.

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Kauai Tea Ceremony Lawai Int’l Center: Lynn Muramoto

Lynn Muramoto

All the grace, ceremony, and ritual of Japanese culture are present in the tea ceremony, and opportunities to see it performed in all its wealth of detail are rare. But this Saturday the Lawai International Center on Kauai will host a ceremony to which the public is invited.  Lynn Muramoto is the center’s president, and she’s on the phone from there.

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