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The Conversation: Tuesday, February 23rd 2016

Maui Nui Botanical Gardens

Kauai County Real Property Tax Reform; Inner Guidance; From the Farm with Neal Conan; Maui Nui Botanical Gardens

Kauai County Real Property Tax Reform: JoAnn Yukimura

JoAnn Yukimura

Kauai County is looking to press the pause button… at least while it figures out how to create real property tax reform. That pause could come in the form of a 3 percent assessment cap up for hearing tomorrow in the Kauai County Council. Meanwhile today, the state House will consider a bill allowing transient accommodations brokers like Airbnb to register as tax collection agents. They’d be responsible for collecting and remitting GET and TAT on behalf of those using their services. But will this help Kaua‘i residents who often complain their neighborhoods are morphing into a collection of house resorts? We called Kauai council member JoAnn Yukimura for her take.

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Inner Guidance: Anne Archer Butcher

Anne Archer Butcher

Inner Guidance: Our Divine Birthright

All too often, we find ourselves lost and in need of some guidance and many of us look all over for it… everywhere but within. Anne Archer Butcher is an author who has found herself in that place from time to time, and her search that has taught her some lessons that she passes along in her book Inner Guidance: Our Divine Birthright.  She’s in Hawaii for a workshop at Unity Church of Hawaii in Honolulu on Saturday at 10 am.

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From the Farm: Neal Conan

Neal Conan

The front runners in both political parties scored important wins over the weekend, and Britain begins a campaign on a referendum on its future in a united Europe... and, maybe, its future as a United Kingdom. News Analyst Neal Conan joined The Conversation from his Mac nut farm on the Big Island, as he does most Tuesdays to share his thoughts on these and other stories.

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Maui Nui Botanical Gardens: Tamara Sherrill

Tamara Sherrill

Credit Maui Nui Botanical Gardens

Left untouched, coastal wetlands are places that teem with life. Few are left untouched, of course, and in Hawaii, coastal erosion and the resulting habitat loss have taken their toll. The restoration of coastal areas and the preservation of the native species that inhabit them is important work, and Tamara Sherrill, Executive Director of Maui Nui Botanical Gardens, joined the show to tell us about it. She’ll speak to the Native Hawaiian Plant Society about coastal native plants and coastal restoration projects around Maui Nui on Friday at 7 pm at the Hannibal Tavares Community Center Pool Room in Pukalani.  It is free and open to the public. 

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