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The Conversation: Monday, February 22nd 2016

Hawaii Theatre

Intentional Philanthropy; Dana Land; HB2636; Noodle Doodle Box

Intentional Philanthropy: Tracy Gary

Tracy Gary

It feels good to give. If you believe that and follow it up with charitable donations, you’re already among the more than half of all Hawaii households which give to nonprofits they have a relationship with . That’s according to the Hawaii Community Foundation’s Hawaii Giving Study. How you can maximize your gifts financially and emotionally is the subject of philanthropy advocate, Tracy Gary. Tracy Gary is the Project Co-director for Unleashing Generosity and has been a philanthropic advisor for 40 years. She is also co-founder of 23 nonprofits, including Inspired Legacies, which sought to unleash generosity through growing the skills and partnerships of donors, advisors and community members.

  • Intro Music: Grab This Thing by The Mar-Keys
  • Outro Music: Sunshine Groove by Mister T.

Atherton Concert: Dana Land

Dana Land

There’s no doubt that the art of the crooner had a Golden Age… one that we’re no longer in.    Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and their peers were great storytellers who had great songs to work with.   It’s tempting to say we don’t see their like again, but luckily we have singers like Dana Land who know where these folks were coming from and have the skills and understanding of the music to bring it to life.  She’s performing at our Atherton Studio this weekend, and she joined The Conversation this morning.

  • Intro Music: Old Devil Moon by Dana Land
  • Outro Music: What Game Shall We Play Today by Dana Land

HB2636: Jeff Mikulina

Jeff Mikulina

Chafing over Hawaii energy prices isn’t new, but what could affect the cost you may pay in the future are bills that would make Hawaii’s utility more responsive to the Public Utilities Commission. One bill would require the PUC to establish performance incentives tying utility revenues to the utility's achievement of them. Another bill creates criteria for the PUC’s methodology to determine the rate that a public utility should pay a producer for nonfossil fuel-generated electricity supplied to the public utility. To have a look at these and other energy bills on his list, Jeff Mikulina, executive director of Blue Planet foundation joined The Conversation.

  • Intro Music: Got Django by Hot Clud of Hulaville
  • Outro Music: The Raven by Ironsides

Noodle Doodle Box: Mark Branner

Mark Branner

The comedic duo - two clowns who know each other well and seem to have a constant battle going on between them - is a setup that offers a world of possibilities. It works for everyone from Laurel and Hardy to Vladimir and Estragon in Waiting for Godot.   Director Mark Branner has described the upcoming Hawaii Theatre Center production of Noodle Doodle Box as “Waiting for Godot, but for kids.”   The show will be performed at the Hawaii Theatre Center on Saturday, March 5 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. and on Sunday, March 6 at 2 p.m.

  • Intro Music: The Raven by Ironsides
  • Outro Music: Alligator Bogaloo by Lou Donaldson
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