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The Conversation: Wednesday, February 17th 2016


The Long View with Neal Milner; Comedy Hypnosis; Tax Bills; La‘ieikawai

The Long View: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

You might think that political and social scientists might be less affected by implicit bias. But a group of women and other researchers say just because they study bias, it doesn't mean they have any better chance of not having to deal with it. Our contributing editor and social scientist Neal Milner joined The Conversation to explain.

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Comedy Hypnosis: Ron Soderstrom

Ron Soderstrom

Ron Soderstrom

Most of us who watch and enjoy comedy improv performances would never dream of getting on stage and trying to do what the performers are doing… but would we, under hypnosis, transform into the next Robin Williams?   There’s only one way to find out.   Ron Soderstrom has been performing for years as both a comedy artist and a hypnotist, and he’s hoping to take audiences members into that uninhibited “zone” that only the best performers can reach. Soderstrom will perform his comedy hypnosis show Welcome to Paradise Saturday, February 27th, at the Lihue Parish hall in Lihue, Kauai.

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Tax Bills: Tom Yamachika

Tom Yamachika

We’re often told about the two certainties of life... and while no one can change the end of the road for any of us, how much tax you pay along it in the future could be changing. Today the Senate Ways and Means committee will take up a bill to reinstate higher individual tax rates. It’s one of several hikes that could be approved this session... and all are raising eyebrows at the Hawaii Tax Foundation. Foundation president Tom Yamachika joined the show to share his thoughts on some of the bills.

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La‘ieikawai: Tammy Haili‘opua Baker

Tammy Haili‘opua Baker

Credit Chesley Cannon

Hawaiian culture lives on in the language.  So the creation of a theater event: an extended drama in un-translated Hawaiian is a welcome sign that both language and culture are thriving. La‘ieikawai, written and directed by Tammy Haili‘opua Baker, brings a classic story to the stage and it’s coming to Kaua‘i. La‘ieikawai will be performed Friday, February 26th, at the Kauai Community College Performing Arts Center.

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