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The Conversation: Tuesday, January 26th 2016


Women’s Caucus Legislative Package; 100 Men Who Care Maui; From the Farm with Neal Conan; Donkey Mill Art Center

Women’s Caucus Legislative Package: Laura Thielen

Laura Thielen

On Thursday, women members from the state House and Senate will meet for breakfast. The annual gathering marks the launch of this year’s package of bills from the Women’s Legislative Caucus. As always, the bills surround issues of gender equity, women’s health and well-being, and carried over from last year, an intensified focus on domestic violence and police response. Senator Laura Thielen is a co-convener  of the 2016 Women’s Legislative Caucus and she joined The Conversation to walk us through their package of bills.

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100 Men Who Care Maui: Keith Regan

Keith Regan

It’s all too easy to identify society’s problems, but if those thoughts don’t lead to action, they’re not much more than wasted energy.  That’s one of the ideas behind the formation of an organization whose numbers are growing in the US and Canada: 100 Men Who Care.   It’s a simple enough idea: 100 men from the community pledge $100 to a local non-profit, and meet quarterly to decide who it should be.   Keith Regan is the founder of 100 Men Who Care Maui. We talked with him when he was first getting the group off the ground, and as its next quarterly meeting approaches, we thought we’d check in with him.

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From the Farm: Neal Conan

Neal Conan

With less than a week to go before the Iowa caucuses, NPR and many member stations are engaged in an exploration of maybe the biggest political phenomenon of these elections… voter anxiety. Despite an economy generally on the upswing, many voters in both parties are deeply concerned about income inequality, job opportunities, and whether everyone really does have a fair shot at the American Dream. Opinion polls show more Americans worried about terrorism than at any time since 9/11, and some fear that illegal immigration represents a major threat. And while crime rates continue to drop, gun sales are higher than ever. News analyst Neal Conan joined the show to share his analysis.

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Donkey Mill Art Center: Anne Catlin

Anne Catlin

Most of us have no trouble thinking of art as an agent of social change… history is filled with examples and we may need it as much as we ever have in these fraught times.   The Donkey Mill Art Center on Hawaii Island takes that notion seriously, and is challenging artists to look at the ways their work can, in some small way, change the world.  Anne Catlin is the Center’s Program Director, and she joined the show via phone to tell us more.

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