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The Conversation: Wednesday, January 20th 2016

Eddy Westveer

The Long View - Iowa Caucus Discussion; Not One Batu?; Future of Agriculture in Hawaii; Trumpeter Roy Hargrove

The Long View - Iowa Caucus Discussion: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

It’s a good bet that you probably don’t think a lot about Iowa until the Iowa caucuses come around. Every four years, presidential campaigns are often defined by what happens in Iowa, but despite media attention, how much do you understand the process? For years, contributing editor Neal Milner asked that question of his UH Manoa students and he’s received some interesting answers. Milner joined The Conversation with a look at how the caucuses are conducted.

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Not One Batu: Hannah Ii-Epstein

Hannah Ii-Epstein


The craving for addictive drugs can lead a person to destroy everything in their path. It’s a feeling playwright Hannah Ii-Epstein knows all too well, as a recovering meth addict.  Her new play Not One Batu is about to get its world premiere, and it looks at what addiction has done to a young woman and the people around her. The play opens tomorrow and runs until February 21st at Kumu Kahua Theatre in downtown Honolulu.

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Future of Agriculture in Hawaii: Scott Enright

Scott Enright

For years now, the issue of food security has moved beyond the question, “Can Hawaii feed itself” to “how much more can Hawaii feed itself.” As this year started, Big Island farmer Richard Ha announced he would close Hamakua Springs Country Farms, citing economic issues. That announcement came on the heels of one from Alexander and Baldwin that HC & S would cease sugar production at the end of the year. But the land is still there and what happens next will send a signal about the focus of ag in Hawai‘i… more food grown for Hawaii consumption or for export. Scott Enright is the director of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and chairman of the Board of Agriculture and he joined the show to share his thoughts on the future of agriculture in Hawai‘i.

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Blue Note Jazz Concert: Roy Hargrove

Roy Hargrove

If jazz were a country it would probably be a kind of banana republic, with a revolution every couple of decades, and nobody quite knowing who’s in charge.  Past jazz revolutions have taken us to the limits of tonality and beyond, leaving each succeeding generation to figure out just where to take the music. For trumpeter Roy Hargrove, jazz is informed by any number of genres of popular and so-called serious music.   He’s in Hawaii with his quintet, and will perform through Saturday at the new Blue Note Hawai‘i.

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