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The Conversation: Wednesday, December 30th 2015

The Long View with Neal Milner; New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display; 2016 Hiring Predictions; Maui Artist - Jennifer Stephens

The Long View: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

If offered the chance to see your future, would you take it? Many people would and that’s keeping a lot of psychics in business. But for the larger questions of humanity, predicting the future may have a much better chance with Superforecasting. The work of University of Pennsylvania social scientist and psychologist Philip Tetlock is based more in acute awareness than divination. Our resident social scientist and contributing editor, Neal Milner, has had a look and joined The Conversation with his take.

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New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display: Tommy Likos

Tommy Likos

A fireworks display packs a lot of excitement into a relatively short span of time, and those fifteen minutes of spectacle reflect countless hours of planning and preparation. Somebody has to keep track of all the logistics, and this New Year’s Eve in Waikiki that responsibility falls to Tommy Likos and his team. Likos is the Hawai‘i executive producer of shows for Fireworks by Grucci and he joined the show with a look at what it takes to craft a spectacular fireworks display.

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2016 Hiring Predictions: Dr. Tracey Wilen

Tracey Wilen

Maybe you already know that 2016 will be the year you need to find a new job. If so, thought leader and writer Dr. Tracey Wilen has some help. Her 2016 hiring predictions are now out as is her latest book, Employed for Life, 21st Century Career Trends. Dr. Wilen speaks and writes on the impact of technology on society, work and careers. She’s been a scholar at Stanford University and has held leadership positions at Apple, HP, and Cisco Systems Inc. She’s the author of 11 books and was an adjunct professor for 15 years teaching business and woman’s topics.

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Maui Artist: Jennifer Stephens

Jennifer Stephens

No artist can match the intricacy of nature’s designs, but all can be inspired by it… and some, like Maui artist Jennifer Stephens, have found ways to merge their designs with the ones nature provides, leading to a result that’s greater than the sum of its parts.   Stephens works in collage and mixed media to create images that could only come from an unfettered imagination. She was raised on the island of Maui and studied art at H.P.  Baldwin High School under the tutelage of instructor Janet Sato in the AP Art Program.   She also operates a gallery, Unique Art Hawaii, and is the founder of CRE8 Magazine.

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