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The Conversation: Thursday, December 10th 2015


Lightning Strikes Twice; Aloha, Lady Blue; Personal Blacklist Experience; National Tropical Botanical Garden

Lightning Strikes Twice: Dr. Kelly Keogh

Dr. Kelly Keogh

Holiday film season is in high gear and the documentary sequel to a Hollywood film set to open this weekend is also making its way to the screen. We looked at the real life connection to the film In the Heart of the Sea. It’s billed as the true story that inspired the staple of many an English class, Moby Dick. But after that tale comes another lesser known sequel. That one is documented in Lightning Strikes Twice: The Real Life Sequel to Moby Dick, which highlights the discovery of Nantucket whaleshipTwo Brothers  found in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Lead researcher on the project, maritime archaeologist Kelly Gleason Keogh, joined The Conversation to talk about the film and the discovery of Two Brothers. The full film can be viewed https://vimeo.com/146734532" style="line-height: 1.5;">here.

  • Intro Music:  What's An Ocean For? by White Whale
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Aloha, Lady Blue: Charley Memminger

Aloha, Lady Blue
Charley Memminger

American mystery readers love their hard-boiled heroes… the detectives who live a little outside the law, obedient only to their own rules, living the way we would if we could break the bonds of our more conventional lives. Novelist Charley Memminger’s hero, a former news reporter who lives on a houseboat, is an homage to the hero of John D. MacDonald’s addictive Travis McGee series, updated to today’s Hawaii with situations and settings that may just owe a little to Charley’s own background as a news reporter.  He’s the author of Aloha, Lady Blue, and he joined the show to talk about the book and its inspiration.

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Personal Blacklist Experience: Mark Merlin

Mark Merlin

For many generations, the film Trumbo is a slice of history. It’s based on the blacklist experience of celebrated screenwriter Dalton Trumbo one of The Hollywood Ten. They and hundreds like them made headlines in the early 1950’s for their refusal to name names to Congress during the McCarthy era. But Trumbo was not the only one who refused. So did the father of UH Botany professor Mark Merlin.  That experience and those of the Hawaii family he married into link Hawaii with a dark period in American history whose legacy continued long after McCarthy.

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  • Outro Music: The Black List by The Marrakchis in Abu Dhabi

National Tropical Botanical Garden: Tessa McSwain

Tessa McSwain

The preservation of endangered species is a race with time, and sadly, many rare plant and animal species are only kept alive in isolated, controlled environments.   At sites throughout Hawaii, the National Tropical Botanical Garden provides refuge for endemic plants that have been threatened by invasives, along with canoe plants that date to the early days of settlement in the islands and the array of plants that flourish in the tropics. Tessa McSwain is the Marketing Manager for the National Tropical Botanical Garden, which is holding a grand opening of its South Shore Visitor Center in Poipu, Kauai this Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 in the afternoon.   It’s the gateway to the McBryde and Allerton Gardens.

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