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The Conversation: Monday, November 23rd 2015

Understanding Sacrifice, American Battle Monuments Commission,

SEC’s Crowdfunding Rule and Credit Unions; World War II Lesson Plan; 54h Annual Nu’uanu Valley Interfaith Celebration

SEC’s Crowdfunding Rule and Credit Unions: Andrew Rosen

Andrew Rosen

If crowdfunding makes you think of a chance to fund someone else’s dream, you may not have realized that it will soon be a way to make an investment in your own future. In 2012, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups ACT was signed into law. It provided a new conduit to find capital… crowdfunding. The Securities and Exchange Commission formulated rules around the JOBS Act, but missing from the mix were credit unions. This month that changed and to find out what it means for crowdfunding investments for you, Andrew Rosen, the President and CEO of Hawaii State Federal Credit Union joined The Conversation in our studios.

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World War II Lesson Plan: Maile Chow

Maile Chow

The Second World War remains the defining event of our modern history… it killed millions, realigned alliances around the world, and ushered in the Nuclear Age.   For all its impact, the sad fact is that most of today’s high school students couldn’t tell you much about it and that’s something Mid Pacific teacher Maile Chow has set out to remedy.   Her solution: find a personal story with which island students can identify. She found it in the story of a local boy who saved the lives of his buddies at the expense of his own during the D-Day landing in Normandy. She has created a lesson plan based around the story of Private Henry Saaga called History and Journalism: Examining the Events of World War II Through a Journalistic Lens and she joined the show to tell us more about it.

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54h Annual Nu’uanu Valley Interfaith Celebration: Eli Buckland

Eli Buckland

Thanksgiving is among the most ecumenical of holidays as it’s the product of no particular faith and all faiths can embrace it.   For 54 years now, the universality of America’s signature holiday has been celebrated in Hawaii with an event that brings together faith-based communities to focus on those in need. Eli Buckland is preparing a special musical performance for the gathering, and she joined The Conversation to talk about it. The 54h Annual Nu’uanu Valley Interfaith Celebration takes place on Tuesday, November 24 at 7:00 PM at  Community Church of Honolulu (2345 Nu’uanu Avenue).

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