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The Conversation: Wednesday, November 18th 2015

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The Long View with Neal Milner; Creatures of the Deep; Developing Affordable Rentals; Rudolf's Reindeer Games: and other holiday surprises

The Long View: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

We have often talked about political polarization. Now two political scientists, Marc Hetherington of Vanderbuilt University and Thomas Rudolph from the University of Illinois, have more to say about how that process is happening. In their new book, Why Washington Won’t Work: Polarization, Political Trust And The Governing Crisis, they offer some different insights on how the lack of trust plays in creating the gridlock in DC. Contributing editor Neal Milner has had a look and he joined The Conversation to share his thoughts on it.

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Creatures of the Deep: Dr. Richard Pyle

Dr. Richard Pyle

You may think most of the major scientific discoveries have been made and that there just aren’t many unexplored frontiers left in this crowded world… but if you do, you’re overlooking one vast area of our earth we have only begun to explore - the deep ocean.   It’s a world of creatures that have remained unknown to us down through the centuries and have adapted to deep-water conditions in amazing ways.  Dr. Richard Pyle has made a few adaptations of his own as a deep-water diver, able to go far deeper than was possible before new technology came along, finding dozens of new species in the process. Dr. Richard Pyle will give a lecture this Thursday (November 19th) at the Thurston Memorial Chapel at Punahou School.

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Developing Affordable Rentals: Stanford Carr

Stanford Carr

This month, the state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism said Hawaii will need more than 65,000 housing units over the next ten years. Huge numbers of affordable units aren’t new and in 2011, a Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation study showed a deficit of 50,000 rental and for-sale units in all income levels. With Hawaii behind the construction ball, we called developer Stanford Carr whose latest affordable rental project in Honolulu will add 128 units to the inventory. I asked if he sees any practical way around the fact that Hawaii is simply not going to produce enough units to meet demand.

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Rudolf's Reindeer Games: and other holiday surprises: R. Kevin Garcia Doyle

R. Kevin Garcia Doyle

Kids love to be surprised and surprise is built into the Honolulu Theatre for Youth’s new show… which brings a variety of improv artists to the HTY stage in a production called Rudolf's Reindeer Games: and other holiday surprises. R. Kevin Garcia Doyle, part of the creative team behind the show, knows what it takes to get kids attention and keep it. He joined us in our studios to tell us a bit about the show. Rudolf's Reindeer Games: and other holiday surprises opens Friday, November 27th at Tenney Theater in Honolulu and runs on Saturdays through December 12th.

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